Why Does Your Dog Eat Grass? There are several reasons

The reasons why the dog eats grass

Hello to all friends, my name is Tyson and despite my name I am a little guy, they say, with sweet eyes and everything to eat.

I spent this long weekend with my family in holiday and I had a blast on the Apennines in the Abruzzo area, strong, nice and really kind people with foreign vehicles like us, in fact my human mother grew up in these parts.

The fact is that my family has left me free to run around up and down the meadows, getting tired until I can no longer run after butterflies but I also tasted many very good things that prepare in these parts and so the my tummy was affected a little and I was sick for a couple of days.

Il my stomach is quite a bit different from the human one and a dog eats grass exactly as a cat colleague would do (not necessarily the crazy grass they are greedy for), there are also dogs who don't eat it at all and others who are furious like sheep, by the way ... I did friendship with a couple of little sheep and I must say that they are really nice, we are not so different.

You must know that the dog, in ancient times, descended from the wolf and we are carnivores but over time we have become a little more omnivorous, they told me it means we eat a little bit of everything, and so did my ancestors who ate grass simply for the fact that they also ingested the intestines of their prey and that these inevitably were full of grass.

There are different explanations and theories, it is a natural behavior you must not be afraid, which for obvious reasons, if taken to exasperation as in all things, can create some problems. One of these is that the dog eats grass due to nutritional deficiency but it is only a theory and therefore it is not exactly exact because there are dogs that, regardless of their complete diet, eat it anyway.

It could also be that he likes it for that particular type of weed and that instinct drives him to ingest as much as possible but the most plausible explanation is that the dog eats the grass to throw up immediately afterwards: the herb when we ingest it tickles our throat so much that it stimulates vomiting, we know how to recognize when our stomach has something wrong and there is something that we cannot digest so to evacuate it in the simplest and fastest way possible we induce regurgitation.

You don't have to worry if your dog eats grass and is still happy and active or eats it regularly without throwing up, maybe he just likes it. But if after eating it he vomits repeatedly, even just the gastric juices or attempts to retard without expelling anything, here maybe use common sense because there is something wrong.

If it is a continuous act and lasts over time, in several days in a row, it means that the discomfort he has persists and it would be better a nice visit to the trusted vet because it could be due to an unbalanced diet or because he ate one of the toxic dog foods, or have hyperacidity or something more serious like having ingested a foreign body, for example a few months ago I swallowed a sock of my dad and it took me a long time to pull it out in pieces.

Be careful especially that the dog has not eaten poisonous herbs or treated with herbicides or pesticides, usually there are signs where they have reclaimed perhaps to eliminate pantegane or similar, these substances are toxic for us dogs as well as for you humans.