Personalize the socks with your dog's photo

A unique and personalized gift: the socks with your dog's photo

Bau to all friends! I wanted to tell you a very nice thing that my human mother did for me, a simple gesture but that moved me a little ... on the other hand I am very sensitive, I must admit!
My mommy knows that I'm a simple dog, I don't need anything to feel good except food, walks outdoors and her cuddles, consequently I've never made her understand that I want something material.
The other day, however, my best friend did a sweet sweet thing: while she was in her room I saw her with a really special pair of socks and pointed them out to me.
I didn't know how this could be possible, but… on those soft socks was my face!
It immediately seemed so curious to me that I immediately started jumping and celebrating, and after the initial joy I said to myself: how did the human mother do this?

I often see her fumbling on the computer, and she always tells me that she can do as many things as she is on the Internet, and this time too it is from her technological contraption that she managed to come up with this little surprise!
Knowing that I was intrigued, mommy showed me how she did it and showed me a website called PupSocks: seeing him I immediately started wagging my tail when I saw his very nice symbol, with a little dog like me with two socks on his ears!
In practice this website allows you to create these special socks just the way you want them: mommy showed me that you can choose the colors, the decorations, and even the size.
In addition to this you can also send a photo of your dog with a click, just like the mother did, and it will be this photo that will become the true protagonist of the sock!

The socks she took were shipped to her home and are pink, decorated with little bones and paw prints (just to stay on topic!), And with my curious face, present practically everywhere!
They are so cute and I found it a really nice gesture: obviously everyone reacts differently, but I am very sensitive to these little things they really make me feel special!
I know very well that I am so much for my mommy, I know well that she loves me a world of good and I want her even more, but I admit it: seeing that she even chooses my photo to decorate her things really makes me a world of pleasure !
So, I take this opportunity to launch an idea to all human friends who have chosen to welcome a faithful 4-legged friend like me into their human life: why don't you make your dogs happy too?

Believe me, your furry friend will not go unnoticed his face on his socks: first of all you will put him in a good mood and make him have a lot of parties, because, let's face it, in front of something as funny as you could not do it, but beyond that a small gesture like this can be yet another sweet proof of the love that binds you.
I am very lucky to have a mommy like this and I would like all my furry brothers to have a human friend with whom to bond and love each other so much ... I really wish everyone!
Bau bau then, and watch out for the socks of human friends!