Pet Therapy at the hospital
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Pet therapy at Meyer in Florence

My name is Lillo e I am a medical dog, specializing in pet therapy, a very effective therapy for children who are unwell and with me, and other colleagues of mine, are able to recover or get better.

My job is very beautiful and I do my best to do it professionally, my week is full of commitments and I can do everything with the help of my valid human collaborators. The working day starts very early, when the alarm goes off I often turn away but then I get out of the kennel and get into business.

A typical day for a specialized dog Pet therapy

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My four-legged friends and I have breakfast and go out to the garden to stretch, in the company of the volunteers who let us play. After that, we immediately jump into the van and run to theMeyer pediatric hospital in Florence, a state-of-the-art hospital for the treatment of pediatric diseases, where children from all over Italy are hospitalized.

Al Meyer some little friends are immediately happy to see us, many come to meet us and celebrate, kisses and hugs are mixed with wagging their tails and loving licking. The climate is welcoming, the human doctors allow us to wander around the wards and the staff spoils and pampers us, the relatives of the children are our biggest supporters because they understand the importance of this therapy. Our little friends can share different moments with us: some only concerning the game, others, instead, dedicated only to caresses and to spend some time together. This also happens at the Prato hospital luckily and we hope to spread like wildfire.

La therapy consists precisely in this, the simple physical proximity is in itself curative and has ample room for improvement, it is warmly recommended by doctors and psychologists because the child, in contact with us furry friends, opens up to the world and this positivity contributes to making them more receptive to drugs. The playful activities that we carry out every day are varied, we often play ball or with the fresbee, in fact I am very good at bringing it back and the children have a lot of fun, laughing like crazy. Other times, instead, we play memory or strategy games, with colored tiles and molds made of plastic that my dog ​​colleagues and I can chew without hurting our teeth. My greatest satisfaction is the laughter of a child who spends time with me and becomes peaceful.

Unfortunately, childhood diseases are terrible, leading to very strong imbalances, the mood tends to drop and the children isolate themselves, not even wanting to speak anymore. Our intervention instead allows you to overcome this terrible rock, instilling more confidence and more joy to face this bad moment with vigor. The joy of life must constitute a law for these children who, although engaged in a hard fight to defend their health, must still grit their teeth and smile, to transmit positivity not only to themselves but above all to their families, who live the drama of not being able to constitute a valid help, fearing powerless in the face of evil. I am a special dog and I know that with my help, together with that of my colleagues and human volunteers, much has been done but the same can still be done because a child who suffers is not simply suffering but in particular represents a defeat for all of society who cannot manage to find a remedy.

Clinical, medical and psychological studies, carried out in the last twenty years, both in Italy and abroad, have shown that la pet therapy constitutes one of the most valid therapies for the treatment of psychic pathologies, such as autism, and to treat the after-effects of anti-cancer treatments. My children and I are happy to be together and to share this journey full of emotions, good or bad, which will still allow us to grow and see the future with different eyes. Now my day is over, I'm tired, bye!

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