4-legged pet therapy in Milan airports

4-legged operators at the airport

Hi, my name is Moka and I am a beautiful, very sweet, adorable mixed breed dog, at least so they tell me, but I think I have some other qualities too, sorry for the modesty. I'm here for tell you about my experience in Malpensa airports as an expert dog in pet therapy. Pet therapy is one real therapy which supports traditional treatments and is able to strengthen the beneficial effects of the same, causing psycho-physical well-being. Precisely for this reason it is now recognized and methodologically applied in a targeted way in all those cases in which psychological support is essential, for example with children with more or less serious pathologies, in shelters for the elderly and on many other occasions.

All 'airport I work with the association Maith Onlus and my 4-legged colleagues are Toffy, a long-haired blond half-breed, Charlie, a golden retriver e Spike, a bunny. Together we are a really good team and our important job is to make people relax before starting the plane trip. Unfortunately, the fear of flying, or aerophobia, is still common to many people, indeed, experts say that after the September 11 attacks on the Twin Towers in New York, fear has increased, for this reason already in the United States for years. the presence of operators dealing with pet therapy is foreseen.

What did we do at the airport in Milan?
Simple we have helped people overcome the anxiety and stress generated by the fear of flying. We were organized into three teams so that there was always an operator and some specialized animals to stand next to the people. Now you will think that specialized animal means a purebred 4-legged and this is where you are very wrong because we mestizos are also very good at being close to children and people in difficulty. Obviously not everyone can do it, but since I am a very good, affectionate dog, inclined to be in contact with people, I easily adapt to the different places they take me to, with a lot of patience and beautiful, as well as many other qualities that do not I can stay here to list because I am very busy receiving pampering from passengers, I was chosen to go to help people at the airport in Milan.

By the way, to travel with a dog by plane you can take a look at this page: Like traveling with a dog on an airplane and you can, looking from the form on each page of this site you will find only structures hotels, farmhouses or apartments that accept dogs, cats and rabbits throughout Europe.

People who have decided to use our service they were able to pamper us, brush us and play with us. For children there is the opportunity to spend the time waiting for boarding by drawing and coloring with us. It is scientifically proven that these activities lead people to relax, overcome anxiety and stress and therefore also face the fear of flying.

This very important project that sees me working alongside the Maith Onlus association was wanted by the SEA company as part of the Family Friendly Airport project which offers subsidized services to families leaving with children. Although the project was initially aimed only at the little ones, everyone was able to take advantage of my fur and pamper me to feel better afterwards and take flight without anxiety. Our work was not carried out only at Malpensa airport, but also at Linate, in this case we worked in the Sala Amica dedicated to people with reduced mobility.

Now if you excuse me I have some cuddles to go get, it's hard work but someone has to do it…. 😉
good trip! Below I present to you my colleagues I mentioned earlier.

4-legged pet therapy in Milan airports
4-legged pet therapy in Milan airports