Pet therapy at the airport
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My friend was afraid to take the plane!

My trusty bipedal friend, until a few months ago was unemployed and I consoled him with licks and yelps of joy. Well, I must admit that I was not always able to make him smile but as an intelligent dog I am, I was waiting for his bad mood to pass but unfortunately the 'crime' was serious. I was trying to talk to him, to tell him that we have to wait for better times, that we are in a period of profound crisis for Italy and do you know what he was doing? He looked at me with those sad eyes of a lost cocker spaniel and nodded as if to agree with me. I bet you are laughing because I 'wrote' that he and I talk to each other. Yes, you got it right, we understand each other perfectly and have long chats.

Well yes, at night I could no longer sleep from the worry that my friend was going into depression for this job that was late in coming. Not because he wants to praise him more than he should but I must emphasize that he is a very good chemical engineer only that here in Italy there is little hope that he will find a job.
At night I spent hours praying to that good old Saint Bernard dog for help when one fine day a phone call came from none other than Edmonton which is the capital of the Canadian province of Alberta. A highly reputed metallurgical firm was planning to hire my qualified friend!

I was hoping that he would jump for joy, that he would hug me and roll with me on the floor of the living room and instead… I saw him dejectedly. I approached cautiously and asked him <But how, aren't you happy? Maybe you are sad because you think that I will not go with you? Ah, my stupid friend, don't think you will get rid of me so easily! I will go with you, there are many prairies, we will have fun!> And he in response, lowered his mortified gaze and said to me <I don't want to go there, I'm terrified of taking the plane!> I don't know which holy dog ​​from the heavens kept me from not biting him a few! I ran into his studio, took that newspaper he had bought without even reading it and with my face I browsed through it until I reached the page that extensively listed the Pet therapy at airports. I tore it up and literally slammed it under that sulky human face. Then I told him <Read, friend of my boots! Here it is written that in certain cities in North America but also atGenoa airport with love. an experiment is underway to let even fearful people like you get on the plane. In all the airports of 'San Francisco, in the USA, and in Edmonton, Canada' there are many valid colleagues of mine walking around with a sign attached to their neck that reads 'If you caress me you will relax before the flight'. And do you want to know something else? The experiment was very successful that when some passengers in Edmonton who were about to leave encountered a terrible snowstorm, they hesitated to do so until my beloved companions with their licks and their affection, managed to calm those people. Stop being a brat and prepare the suitcases that we embark on!>.
I'm honest, initially he didn't want to know, he was literally terrified but then with my 'savoir faire' and with a lot of patience I managed to convince him. At the beginning it was tough, I got on board too and since I am less than 10 kilos, I was able to travel with my trusted friend even if in the carrier.

By the way, now I am on a comfortable (so to speak) position on the plane because we are returning home for the Christmas holidays and as soon as we boarded, we were surrounded by a myriad of dogs who licked my friend from the head at the feet. and he hugged them for half an hour. Grrrrrr… what jealousy, I think for the next three hours, I will not speak to him!


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