Pet therapy, the dog-human relationship
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They call me Pucci. I am a dog. I am robust and blond. I heard someone say I look like a big stuffed animal. I am also young, I am only three years old, but I am very responsible. For some time I collaborate with an association that tries to help those in difficulty.

At first I did not understand what I had to do, but now I know and I want to explain it to you too.
I know many people, no matter their age, who are uncomfortable in everyday life, who can't even talk to others, who are always alone.
Other people, like those who work with me, have studied a lot how to help them and by dint of seeking and trying many solutions, they have realized that I and others like me could provide valuable support and make the day of these sad people better. Yes, because they are sad, they did not choose to be who they are, they were born like this or they became slowly. And then they come to visit me to stay with me for a while, in my house and we go out together in my garden or I go accompanied by my human.

Every day I have a different friend, but to me they are all equally nice.
The first meetings are the most difficult, because they still don't know me well and trust little, then they gain confidence and would never want to leave me.
One thing they like so much, but honestly me too, is stay hugged.
I feel that their tensions slowly ease and they also enjoy making me a lot caresses, to sink your hands into my fur. I am proud of my coat, it is always shiny and well brushed, the people who take care of me want me to be always clean and that I present myself well.

I was saying that when these friends come to visit me I sit and still because I am aware of my strength and I would not want to hurt them or, worse still, scare them. But sometimes I can't resist and lick their face. It's my way of saying that I love him too much. And I must say they like it. I do it quietly because my doctor, the vet, checks me constantly. He always gives me bites and makes me take pills, against this and that possible disease. I let him do it because he explained to me that I will never pass on any infections to my friends.

If I have to be honest I don't like getting bites, but my vet doesn't even hurt me, then he always gives me a cookie, just one, to reward my good will, and then out of friendship you do this and more.
When the days are beautiful, that is, as long as it does not rain too hard, my friends and I, we go out for long walks. Sometimes they want to take me on a leash, to show others that they are good at it. I walk well even without them, but in this way they feel important and I let them do it. Some of my friends have trouble walking and so do I. I'm careful not to pull so as not to trip them.
Those who succeed and want to, they play with me, maybe they throw a stick at me and I'll go get it and bring it back. And we continue like this for hours. But they are few.

Most they are happy just to walk beside me and hold a hand on my back to feel that I am there with them. I like the warmth they transmit to me. When you really can't stay outside, we sit close, even on the ground, so no one grumbles to us, and we do a little pampering. Or they sit in an armchair and I lie down at their feet. The important thing is to stay close.
One of these friends of mine was so comfortable with me that he always fell asleep holding me in his arms. I thought he did it because he was bored and instead they told me he did it because he was serene. In fact, his mother had to work hard to take him away.
Unfortunately I am only one, although I have many colleagues who do what I do, but there are many friends who need me and I cannot always be with the same. Every day I have to find a way to divide my time among all those who come to visit me. I am very proud that they have chosen me.

Sometimes when evening comes I get a little sad because I couldn't make everyone smile. So I go to my human companion to console me, and he tells me that I mustn't be sorry, because we have done everything possible, but sometimes there are friends who are more introverted than others. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Sometimes they make me laugh. A friend always tried to eat the treats from my bowl, and I was having a hard time getting her away from there, but she was so funny when she tried to munch them, but they certainly didn't do her any good. In the end, my co-worker and I decided to hide my food when she came and I made sure to distract her so she wouldn't think about it.

But the ones that make me the most tenderness are my friends with white hair. They seem so fragile and helpless. I can't go out for a walk with them, some are always sitting on wheeled chairs and never get up, and they seem so sad, but when they see me you can see that they are happy.

But the credit is not mine alone, I must say that my human companions do their utmost to make all our guests understand that with me they can play and do whatever they want. The important thing is that they don't hurt me. Not because I react, I have never bitten anyone, but it is precisely for them, to teach them what is good and what is bad. I know they never do it out of spite of pulling my tail or ears, but that's just because, maybe they don't even know, but they're so angry with the world. But by dint of being with me they become happier.

If I could do something more to make them feel better I would, but they said I already do a lot by letting myself be touched, cuddled and hugged.
If you want to know more you can visit one of these sites:
or others that you can find on the internet. I don't know how to read but they told me that they are interesting and explain even better than I have been able to do so far, what I, my other four-legged friends and the two-legged ones alone (how are they going to stand up without wobbling? , I always ask myself!), what we do to make life more serene to those who ask us.


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