The sleeping positions of dogs, the meaning behind them

Every dog ​​will have tried them all: dog sleeping positions

Sleeping… as I like it! I am fortunate to live in a beautiful house and have a human friend who always makes me feel great, consequently I can doze even in the most unlikely places, however my favorite place to sleep on is definitely the soft pillow that my friend he wanted to give me: the sleeps I can get there are truly incomparable!

If you are wondering what are the sleeping positions of dogs, I think I can be taken as an example: I often change my sleeping positions, indeed in some moments I wake up and I realize that I have fallen asleep in a really funny way! Obviously if I can and manage to get into my humans' bed I like to be close to their feet, I also like to lick them even if it tickles them.

Who knows, maybe sometimes, while I was caught up in my dreams, my human will have taken some pictures of me, but in this case I can give it to him, it's a "setback" that I can bear!
How do I like to sleep then? To answer you, I must first make a distinction: if I am on my soft pillow, on the sofa or on equally comfortable points, I generally assume positions of maximum relaxation, and I doze deeply, if I close my eyes in places in the house where I probably shouldn't do it (but don't tell my human, please!), I am a little more alert, in short, I doze, but I have positions a little 'more composed and I'm always on the who goes there.

On one side

Let's start with the most relaxed positions, the ones that, needless to say, I love most of all: when I'm in my kennel or when I "steal" the sofa to my human generally I sleep on my side, is therehe position that relaxes me more, it is no coincidence that when I sleep like this it is because I am going to spend a few hours making sweet dreams!

Of course sometimes I dream of running through the meadows and my paws move, or I take the opportunity to hug my favorite stuffed friend or even do fantastic dreams, we too are living beings with needs.

In any case it is the position where I definitely feel more calm and let myself go completely and I can also snore (I think humans say snore) without anyone disturbing me or interrupting my deserved sleep after getting tired quite well.


Another position that I take very frequently when I am up soft surfaces is that curled up: I generally "curl up" especially in the corner of the sofa, and I also like this position very much, it makes me feel protected and I disconnect from my thoughts ... you have no idea how many things go through this hairy head like: eating, going to holiday, cuddles.
This position is a bit of a sweet hug, in fact sometimes I fall asleep like this when my human is not there, and I miss his cuddles and attention a bit.

This is also a very relaxed position, without worries and I feel protected whether I am in my kennel, on the sofa or on the floor without many problems.



Belly down

When I doze on the floor I usually choose the so-called four-stick or sphinx-type belly-down position: in this way I can not sleep deeply, of course, but it is still a relaxing position: in practice with the belly down and the legs sometimes forward and sometimes even crossed: to see me it seems that it is simply composed, I'm actually about to dream... who knows, maybe this position will have fooled even my human sometimes ... in practice I sleep with one eye open to stay alert.

It is one of those positions where apparently I seem completely relaxed and in reality I am listening and perceiving everything around me, I even hear the jack russel on the third floor barking at the little bird they brought home.

Belly in the air

Another position that sometimes i take on the floor, the one that makes my human laugh so much, is that belly up: when we play and I put my paws in the air he has a lot of fun, and I like it too, it's a fun thing to be stroked on the tummy… obviously this intimate area is a family exclusive!

But sometimes I happen to put myself on my stomach even when I'm alone, maybe just to have fun, and when I'm in this position it's nice to let go and indulge on the floor ... sometimes, even if only for a few minutes, I managed to sleep even so dreaming of the cuddles of my human!



The creative positions

These are the positions that I take most often while I sleep, and if you wonder what the sleeping positions of dogs are, therefore, under no circumstances expect a single answer: we "furry ones" we are really very creative from this point of view, and you can find us at sleep in the strangest ways, we are masters specialized in sleeping.

In all cases the recommendation is always the same: do not wake us except in cases of "emergency", for example to give us food, or if you really have a very urgent need for pampering.