Preparing for a trip with a dog abroad

Here we are.
Ready to leave another time, this time we have more than 2000 km to go and in a complicated land for us quadrupeds: the extreme Spain, destinazione Andalusia.

We were there two years ago and it was not easy at all since in Spain my 4-legged friends and I don't have an easy life ... for example if we weigh more than 10 kg we are not granted access to the trains, absurdoooooo.

First of all we went to renew your passport at my favorite vet, she and the other girls always cuddle me when we visit them even if they have to give me a shot for theanti-rabies (mandatory for the renewal of the veterinary passport) but in the end papy always distracts me and I don't even notice.

Secondly my human had to buy one syrup against leishmaniasis because in those parts it seems to be right at home and I certainly don't want to get sick, so every night together with the baby food I find these drops that to be honest I also like them.

From a bureaucratic-health point of view, I am okay since I had already had the vaccinations and we put the Advantix every 21st of the month. It remains "only" to organize the actual trip.

My suitcase is an envelope that you carry with you Marco, my best friend with whom I have shared everything since I was born, and it contains: my k-way, baby food, water, portable bowl, toilet bags, one of my toys and a small first aid for the dog.

So starting from Milan our city, to which we have returned for a few months, since we have lived the last times in England, we will have to take a train to Genoa and from there embark on a ship of the Grandi Navi Veloci, and luckily they even gave us a 20% discount on the ticket since we quadrupeds are treated really well and treat you to Barcelona it is very comfortable. On these 4-legged ferries they reserve cabins for us where we can stay together with our humans in total tranquility.

Once you get to Barcelona however, things get a little more complicated since only dogs weighing no more than 10 kg are allowed on Spanish trains (pet carrier included) and therefore given my size it is definitely excluded, despite the over 100.000 petition signatures collected, and although my human has a fairly close correspondence with their managers they continue to argue that we quadrupeds on Spanish soil cannot travel normally like the rest of the world. (if you want to give us a paw to make things change, you too sign up, one day maybe you would like to go on vacation too).

The options are very few:

  1. rent a car, a camper or a van and have my friend drive for another 1200 km, with the relative cost of rent, insurance, gasoline, motorway and almost certainly a couple of nights in a dog friendly hotel
  2. Sift Bla bla car and similar sites in the hope of finding a ride at least up to Malaga and then from there take a taxi (and yes why we can't even get on the buses) to get to your destination near Marbella.

At the moment perhaps we have found a lift to Granada, but from then on we still haven't found anything ... in short, since we will leave in about two weeks there is still hope that someone will move in that direction and can help us ... later the emails we have received in these days there could be some fantastic surprises.

For the record where it will be possible and we will find a connection we will do some small interventions live on Periscope (find us with the name Trip For Dog obviously) so all our fans, friends and relatives will not be worried about this umpteenth new venture and will be able to stay informed step by step of our travels. Then, once we arrive, we will surely show you other characteristic places as much as possible ... just think that on days when the sky is clear we see Morocco from the dog friendly beach where I go to kick around because luckily being out of season I can stay as much as I like! 😛

Our YouTube channel will also start shortly where you will find a thousand thousand video tips!
Well, stay connected, and don't miss our updates.