The first lamppost that works with dog poop

Dog poop as fuel

Today I give you some sensational news: the dog poop has a high energy value, so when you pick it up (because I'm sure you are honest people and you pick it up) when you take us for a walk you think that you have "in your hands" a source of natural fuel.

Let's start with the introductions: I'm Lupetta, a somewhat elderly Chihuahua, but always beautiful, as my human friend says. For the name do not pay attention to it, humans have little imagination and what little they have sometimes use it badly, but we who are their best friends must always try to understand.

However, returning to the fundamental point, in the UK and more specifically a Malvern Hill, in Woecestershire [Editor's note if you want to go to the UK with your visit to the dedicated page "going on holiday with a dog to the UK"], thanks to Brian Harper, the first street lamp powered by dog ​​poop was created. You got it right, the poop, or more scientifically, feces, excrements. Brian Harper's intuition starts from a rather unpleasant episode that marked the life of the inventor, that is he was tired of finding bags full of animal droppings hanging from the trees who, like everyone else's, certainly do not smell… the usual lousy humans who through their fault ruin the reputation of all the others for good. Hence the intuition: excrement produces biomethane, a gas capable of producing energy.

Graphics by The Guardian

Since the Neolithic period, humans have used feces as fuel, but today a more sophisticated system has been created than in the past. The street lamp I was talking about earlier it is equipped with an anaerobic digester capable of transforming poop into electricity and therefore turning on the street lamp.

Operation is quite simple: all of you humans know that when you take us for a walk you have the obligation, moral and juridical, to collect from the ground the excrements that we eliminate. If we could we would do it alone, but unfortunately we are still unable to do this too.

If we were able to decide for ourselves, we would try not to disturb our poop, but since all this is not possible, you humans are requested to collect the excrement with the special bag that you must have in your bag every time we visit. take for a walk. It is a question of respect for everyone and now we can have some advantages too.

For humans, powering this lamp post is very simple, in fact, that's enough collect the droppings and deposit them in the appropriate bin at the base of the lamp and that's it. For now, the project is in an embryonic phase, but it is hoped soon to be able to create more street lamps to illuminate different areas, especially parks where dogs are taken for a walk, taking advantage of the poop of us dog friends.

In this way two results are obtained, namely there is no question of how to dispose of our feces at the same time you get brightness, all in an eco-compatible way given that resources such as gas, coal or other sources that emit CO2 into the environment and therefore pollute must not be exploited.

According to the inventor's calculations, they are enough ten bags of our excrement to feed a street lamp for two hours. The anaerobic digester is able to divide the contents of the bags into microorganisms and produce methane and fertilizer, so from this process, in addition to being able to obtain light, you can also have fertilizer for the beloved plants of humans.

This idea is not entirely new, in fact, in India, domestic biodigesters have been adopted for some time to transform cow manure into energy. Long live the ecological poop 😀

Source: The Guardian UK