RistoBau, the first Italian restaurant for dogs
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Last Saturday me and Marco my reference human, we went out for dinner for the first time! I was not sure what it meant to go out to dinner, or rather, I had already heard humans say it. I too had been a few times before in those places that humans call a bar and also a couple of times in a restaurant, a place where the bowl for humans comes hot from another room and the human doesn't have to do anything if do not eat. A bit like home for me, but with more people and with many tables instead of just one like at home.
The place where we went on Saturday instead it is not only a restaurant for two-legged but also for four-legged like me! There are so many things designed for us furry ones, like a room where they carry the bowl full of tasty porridge, with water at will and many other dogs to get acquainted with.

The restaurant is called Ristobau & Ristomiao (the meow is the part I like least) and it is in Gussago, near Brescia. I don't know where it is exactly, but it doesn't have to be that far from our house because I didn't have much time in the car!
At Ristobau, however, there is not only food but also other things designed for us wagging their tails like a huge garden full of games and paths, a real playground for me and for all other dogs, even bigger or smaller than me.
There is also one space where we can make ourselves beautiful with the bath and the hairdresser, but I didn't try it because I didn't need it!

Going back to the bowl chapter (the one I prefer), the porridge I ate was super tasty, and I heard Marco talking to the waiter (the gentleman who brings the bowls is called that) for one special baby food for me, because if I eat something strange or unhealthy then I feel bad in the tummy.

I heard from other dogs who had already been there that the restaurant has recently opened, but the two and four-legged customers were already many! I have known several dogs which I had never seen before and which I hope to see again. The only thing I didn't really like is that al Ristobau & Ristomiao even those nasty cats can enter. There were a few, but they were sitting at the table with their masters and I couldn't go and tease them as I wanted.

I've seen some humans take away some packaged baby food in special bowls; I think it was take-away food, like the one that Marco prepares for me when we go to the mountains or to the sea, but from the scent it seemed much, much better (but don't tell him). I hope to return to Ristobau & Ristomiao again, I really enjoyed it.
However, I did not understand one thing: before leaving my human took some slips of paper from his pocket and gave them to a gentleman. I think it's called money, but I'm not sure what it's for. If they are needed to go to the Ristobau, however, I like them!



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