The first dog restaurant opens its doors

Hey friends, I want to give you some sensational news: it has finally opened a restaurant for us dogs in Berlin!

Finally, good news for us furry puppies! I just heard it on the news while I was sitting on the sofa with my human friend. In Berlin he opens a restaurant to our measure and we will no longer be forced to eat cans or dry food alone.
Is called Pets Deli and is the first bistro for four-legged foodies. The news left me really moved because not only will we be able to taste some very fresh foods prepared especially for us but we can taste them in comfortable deluxe kennels.

We needed just such an idea and I wonder they didn't think of it before!
The restaurant for us pelosetti was opened in a very chic area of ​​the city, Grunewald, which is a residential area and already some of my local friends have become very loyal customers of the place and they speak excellently about it.
They say that the dishes are as good as those of humans and after lunch my friends also lick their mustaches.

The creator is called David Spanier, is thirty-one years old and assures his own four-legged customers an impeccable service.
By the way! You can go and eat at the bistro for four-legged foodies even if you suffer from food intolerances because this Mr. David has thought of everything, even the food preparation of foods for those who have some problems eating normal dishes.

Heard not only do you eat perfectly but yes they drink drinks created especially for us made by a nutritionist specialized that every day takes care of creating a fantastic menu based on meat or fish.

A truly exceptional thing that left me amazed is the location where lunches and dinners are organized for us. It's about a large and bright room where we can enjoy the warmth of a fireplace always on so as not to get cold during the time dedicated to enjoying our delicacies.

And as a place to enjoy these delicacies, guess what they have prepared for us? None other than of the warm and very comfortable kennels worthy of a king where we can rest even after having finished enjoying our food.
And where will our human friends go while we're at lunch? David has also thought of this and has created a cozy room for them where they await us comfortably seated to sip coffee. After lunch and after a little nap, do you think they let us go like this? Absolutely not because we will be supplied with one portion of take away whose price varies according to the size and ranges from 3 to 9 euros.

The mayor of the city of Berlin is called Bild and it seems that he did not appreciate this idea very much. In fact, he is not very convinced that a dog restaurant was needed in Berlin. But in the meantime, there is a lot of furry people outside the bistro for four-legged foodies.

They say that there are dogs of all breeds and all ages queuing up because everyone is intrigued by this novelty and each of them has the strong desire to eat something with a particular taste and without the fear that they will then get sick at the pancino since everything has been organized with great wisdom.

I looked at my human friend with tearful eyes and he understood me on the fly and you know what he promised me? He said that while waiting for us to decide to open a restaurant like that, here too next vacation will have Berlin as its destination and will take me to dinner at Pets Deli. What a love of a friend I have, I can't wait to leave and maybe then we update to let you know the news. Thankseeeee!


Really a great idea! There are more and more restaurants for dogs and cats - perhaps even in Italy?
Of course it already exists ...

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