Portraits of dogs in a noble version: a wonderful gift

An original gift: noble version of dog portraits

Bauciao friends. It's raining badly outside, just for a change on the weekend, and yes I have to fall out of heat all week and when we finally could go out for a nice ride in the green in the mountains to stay a little cool and run around a bit in the middle nature ... here comes the storms to spoil the party.

The backpack with everything you need was already ready and until the last we hoped that the weather conditions could change, I had a pretty good trip planned but I will tell you about it later sharing with you all the details as always. Maybe we will also make a special on our backpack and even if it is ours in the end my dad always carries it, luckily I travel light.

I'm pretty sprawled on my favorite sofa, because it's my sofa, not that of humans who hardly ever use so much, and I stay once again amazed at my best friend's madness Marco who this time made it really big.

I admire, as I did not even know it was me, my portrait in a noble version: he calls me Lady Mela in this period will it be the Game of Thrones effect? Very possible, on the other hand, I like it too ... I make certain snores while watching the episodes that I hadn't even done dog trekking for a whole weekend.

Il portrait is really realistic it's definitely me: Apple, and it actually takes mine noble and important soul as President of Trip For Dog but I don't mind that much, maybe. Dog portraits are my favorite subjects, it's nice to see so many colleagues in different versions.

The naturalness and the pose definitely accentuate my soul and my personality, on the other hand, not everyone is an important dog who signs autographs but let's move on to the practical side.

My good old human had decided to do a original gift to the grandson, who would then be my little cousin: at first he was a little afraid of me, maybe because I'm black, maybe because I'm a bit exuberant and I show my happiness when he comes to visit us but now we are jelly and flab and since we are looking for a new home, far outside the city, away from cars, smog and casino and possibly a lot of green we could not see each other so often ... but so he can always have an eye on me in his bedroom.

If you too want to take a look at many other beautiful portraits of dogs in noble or you also want to make yourself or give a decidedly original gift, in addition to those that I am attaching below, we advise you to take a look at the website Crown and Paw and use a coupon, by signing up for their newsletter first, to get a 10% discount if you decide to get one. Ah, keep in mind, however, that in addition to the purchase, to collect it, you will have to pay customs which is about 20% of the purchase of the painting: it comes from America ... a surprise that no one had warned us about, so I 'I said 😉

Should you decide to make one guys tag us on Instagram @tripfordog in such a way that they will automatically appear on our profile and we can admire you as well as all our followers.

A warm greeting and diffused and soft licks for everyone.
Bauciao friends, see you next time.

Portraits of dogs in a noble version


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