Apple at the Macanaz Park
At Macanaz Park, Zaragoza

The meeting with Zaragoza he was really happy, here they are really very nice and kind but above all they respect and appreciate us.

There are so many parks and all, or almost all, accessible to dogs. The Macanaz Park which runs along the Rio Ebro own behind the Cathedral de la Pilar for example it is quite large and there we dogs are left free, in practice it connects the Ponte de Pedra with the Ponte de Santiago.
The river is also accessible to animals as well as you have fishermen but honestly given the current my human preferred to forbid me to throw myself into the water despite being a good swimmer ... He went to understand, boh ?!

I'm like his name is Cesare and he says to go there
Pà this type, Cesare Augusto, says over there

in parks in the center instead in the daytime hours maybe it is better to respect the rules and let us keep on a leash since they are not recited and cars, bicycles and pedestrians pass all around such as for example Plaza de los Sitio where we have known many dogs and their owners such as Sucre who is the most playful 4-year-old shepherd from Bergamo in the world, without many problems after playing badly he went to throw himself in the fountain in the square, so ... just to get dressed up in crap before returning home.

In Zaragoza animals can also take the Tramvia but with a maximum of one per wagon and with a leash and muzzle, access to buses is allowed only to guide dogs.



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