Without ever drawing he makes horrible portraits of animals for charity, raising 18.000 euros

Horrific animal portraits for charity

Good morning beautiful friends, it's still me, the legendary Charlie, a phenomenon dog who saves the life of a human friend. Today I want to tell you about a friend of mine, Hercule Van Wonfilkle, he is a 28 year old boy, English (his real name is Phil Heckels, but since he is a bit of a hero artist he chose a heroic stage name) . Now you may wonder what this great friend of mine does to the point of being worthy of my bark, quite simply performs portraits of animals, mostly dogs and cats, same they are not particularly beautiful, I would be able to draw better even with only the left paw, but are successful and therefore they are paid handsomely, but the proceeds are donated to charity to an association that deals with the homeless. But let's go in order.

One day our Hercule was drawing together with his 6 year old boy, he made drawings of animals that were actually little more than scribbles, then he decided to post the photos on facebook, he thought he hadn't done anything in particular, but in reality the first likes arrived and above all the first photos of dogs and cats with requests to make "horrible" portraits. He did it almost for fun and at first he didn't ask for money. Over time, however, he decided to transform this strange attitude to draw horrible animals in a charity activity. The proceeds from sales, or rather donations, in fact go to the Turning Tides organization that deals with offer support to people who have no fixed abode. It is an association that he has also helped in the past because he is particularly sensitive to this issue, but now thanks to the proceeds from the sales of portraits of dogs and cats, the help is really substantial, in fact in a short time he has collected over 14.000 pounds. than with thethe arrival of winter and with the Covid emergency represent a really good support.

My friend Hercules naturally he is a true artist and given all his daily commitments, he can only make 3-5 portraits a day. The same are also posted on his facebook page dedicated to the artist.
The portraits of my friend sono really "horrible" in fact they enhance the "small defects" of us four-legged friends, after all we are all beautiful and therefore only through a human portrait can we appear not very fascinating. Usually we are drawn with a small body and a big head, after all the head is the area where we most like to be pampered and since we are very intelligent he has decided to exalt our head above all. In Hercule the imagination is certainly not lacking and every day delights everyone with funny portraits. Sure horrible portraits can be for everyone a way to help those most in need and at the same time to preserve over time the memory of four-legged friends who unfortunately will not be able to protect their human loved ones forever, since we have on average a shorter life, but we would like you to remember us forever and above all to remember ours cheerfulness.


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