Shampoo for dog hygiene, we too must make ourselves beautiful

The importance of shampoo for dog hygiene

Hi friends my name is Vicky and I am a beautiful 5 year old female labrador and I live in Milan with my pack of humans who take care of me: two parents and two really messy brothers, almost as much as me.

I am always close to my human mother who is called Cristina and who always takes care of me, in addition to food and cuddles it is important that I always be neat and clean: Dog grooming and hygiene require quality products especially if you are lucky enough to take you to the office with them and you have to be together with their very nice colleagues who always give me a lot of pampering, in fact, I'm responsible for disposing of plastic bottles in the office: my specialty.

There are truly products for all needs, in fact a dog of small size like my little friend Kleo, who spends a lot of her time indoors and doesn't like digging holes or rolling around in the mud, especially when compared to a specimen of large, such as me who are medium to large in size and potholes are a professional. To get an idea and have an overview of products you can take a look at the dog hygiene shampoo which are really a lot.

Shampoos can be of consistency foamy, in version gel or type oily. You will also find specific products, in case your faithful four-legged friend has problems with skin sensitivity, or if you need to eliminate parasites from his skin or from his by the eg.

A recommended product, which will allow your friend's coat to always be at the top, both in terms of cleaning that of softness is that Vitacoat Unity, made with herbs. But I remind you one thing: a shampoo that will work for an adult dog will not be suitable for a puppy and it could irritate his still delicate skin, so be careful if you have a puppy in your family and choose the right product.

As for children, even for dogs, there are shampoos that don't make your eyes water, should their foam come into contact with them. But what to do with a dog who really hates water and makes a thousand fuss about being washed? Exists dry shampoo, which you can, also in this case, find in the same selection of products. Then there are the two-in-one products, where to shampoo the balm joins and those that are characterized by particular fragrances ... to be honest it is the one I prefer because I feel really beautiful and my dad and my brothers they call me princess after showering and drying and I wag my tail like there's no tomorrow.

One piece of advice I can give you, in case you have a similar in your family who gets very dirty and therefore you will have to wash often, is to opt for large packs, which will allow you to have more product, but not going to lose anything in terms of quality, indeed you could take a quality one and use it whenever your dog needs it and you will see how grateful he will be for the care you take. he.

Given the arrival of spring they often take me on a trip and I have fun like crazy to chase butterflies, even if I know that I will never be able to catch them I try the same, around the fields and when we return to the various dog-friendly hotels in Italy my mother is always ashamed to let me into the hall, as she says: "you are so tanned my love" and so he always takes a shower for me before returning.

I don't understand this thing of human shame very much but if it can make my mom feel better, I always take a shower willingly: I'm a Labrador and water for me is the most normal thing in the world, even when they take me to the sea and I always go out covered in salt, with the right shampoo they take care of my hygiene by taking care of my hair and my skin, so my little men can continue to call me Princess ... who sends me in jujube broth.