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We work on the beach for your protection

I'm Scotty, handsome golden labrador and modestly a hero too and today I will tell you about my life from rescue dog. Mine is a very hard life, but I do it willingly because I realize that humans need me as sometimes they are really good at getting into trouble and they don't always manage to get out on their own.

300_motowaterMy mum and dad were rescue dogs too, I only stayed with them for a short time, when I stopped getting my mum's milk I had to leave and it wasn't nice, I felt alone for a while and sad, I no longer had my little brothers to play, but I had one mission, I had to help others, just like my mom and dad did. After this separation, we little brothers have all become heroes, albeit with different tasks.
I already from puppy I loved to swim, at the bottom I have the webbed paws it must mean something, since I was a puppy very athletic, I liked running with the wind in my fur and diving into the water, sometimes even in the mud, but they scolded me with the mud, I don't know why! So they sent me to one water rescue school.

300_pairedMy two brothers and my little sister, on the other hand, were lazier than me and so they became guides for the visually impaired, they went to this one school, they say that they are the eyes of the blind, they help them to move on their own without always having to have someone to accompany them and my little sister named Sally, even went to school, but to that of humans, not that of dogs , accompanies his human every day at school and stays with her in the classroom, it seems that her classmates love her a lot, no doubt about it, I have a really important little sister, but now let's get back to me, after all today the protagonist is me.

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300_saveNow I'll tell you how I became a water rescue dog, the profession of savior, in fact, is not improvised, I admit that I am also fantastic of mine, but I went to Italian rescue dog school, there there are excellent trainers that help us hero dogs to become expert heroes, if you want to understand how it works, try taking a tour on their site clicking here, you will also see how beautiful we are and how to make us dogs a little more special than others.
It is one volunteer school of the Civil Protection where even famous people bring their dogs to train them, in Italy there are well 12 locations, look for the one closest to you to have an unforgettable experience with your dogs clicking here.


300_helicopterHere they are very good with us dogs because their method requires that a strong emotional relationship is established between dog and handler, we live in symbiosis, the training technique is soft even if it is still tiring. In the first part of the course we are taught to be obedient even without a leash, to be with people and other dogs without partying, they also teach us to stay focused and not to be distracted when we are in the crowd. We become the perfect gentleman, or rather gentledog.
After the first phase I started the second stage of training, here they taught me all water rescue techniques and I had the SICS patent which is recognized in all port authorities, in short, I am a dog with a degree and mastered in water rescue, I am really very important, so much so that launch me from helicopters.

300_beachNow I tell you what I do during my days, of course I take care of my human who without me would be really lost, but not only that, I save people. I'm on the beach all summer, vacation? No, for heaven's sake, me I patrol the beaches in my red jacket and if any child or any adult has problems in the water, I go to rescue them together with my lifeguard companion, I admit that women look at us a lot, we heroes are fascinating.

I like the beach, there are children, I can bathe and swim, many dogs are afraid of water, but I like it, after all my mother used to tell me that my paws were made for water and I I always believed her. During working hours, however, I must not be distracted, even if not all days are heavy, in some of them nothing happens and I almost get bored, I snort with my human friend and I can't even eat too much, I have to be careful, have a balanced diet, sometimes I really want a donut, I try to make sweet eyes, but my two-legged friend doesn't fall for it, he says it hurts me, to me instead the donuts seem so good, and yet I if I could give him the donuts sprinkled with sugar I would give them, these humans are strange .. however back to the subject, some days I get bored, others it seems that the children agree to put themselves in danger and then I do nothing but dive into sea, retrieve children and take them to the beach.

300_inmareI admit that I am very happy and wag my tail as hard as I can when the children recover and all their relatives and friends hug me and cuddle me, after all I'm a cuddly hero myself. I don't just save children, but adults too, even if they are usually more experienced and it happens less that they need help. As a reward they give me some cookies, but they are the ones for dogs, not the sweet ones of humans, they must be really good if they don't share them with me. The bathing season is over I can rest though I have to keep in training and it can always happen that I get called because there is some accident in lakes or rivers and you need an experienced swimmer like me. I also have to make periodic visits to the vet because my health is important, as a child I didn't love him very much, but now he tickles me when he visits me.
300_macerieI work in the water, but some friends of mine labrador, golden, newfoundland or german shepherd instead do other jobs, for example they sniff and they look for people lost in the rubble, are mainly used when houses collapse or when there are some natural disasters such as earthquakes, thanks to their nose they are able to understand where the humans are buried and therefore indicate to the rescuers where to dig by hand, without bulldozers. They too are great heroes and to become experts they go to a different school than mine, this is for example a special school for dogs who don't want to work in the water, but want to use their nose to find people in difficulty, it's hard work for them too: they have to train at least 3000 hours a year to be outdoors. 'height. The site where you can find more information is this school too, like mine, the Civil Protection also collaborates always at the forefront where there are people in difficulty. But one thing is certain to become hero dogs you have to go to school just like the children of humans do.

But now a balance of my life as a dog, I think it is fun, tiring, but exciting, I love my human friend and I know that he too wants me, one day I will probably leave him and he will be sad but he will know that together we have done great things.

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