SIA: a song in favor of adoptions in kennels

An operation in favor of adoptions in kennels

Hi friends, I'm Mela, modestly a beautiful dog, very nice and photogenic as well as the President of Trip For Dog and I'm here today to tell you that I am one of, and of, the protagonists of the video clip I'm about to talk to you about with my friends: Beautiful Athena & Arthur, Jam, Bruce and many many other furry ones.

Today I want to talk to you about SIA campaign to support adoption in kennels. This year to raise awareness of DO NOT GIVE ANIMALS AT CHRISTMAS since dogs are incredible beings, who give so much love and who also need to receive it, he wanted to support the concept that they are not puppets to give as gifts. And for this very reason, SIA wanted to contribute concretely to the cause of Save the Dogs which is an association that deals with helping dogs most in need.

The album with many funny songs is called Everyday is Christmas, every day is Christmas, and contains the song "Puppies are Forever" (TRAD: Puppies are forever) just to underline and remember not to give puppies at Christmas and then abandon them in the summer when you go on vacation ... NB it is not for nothing that we in Trip For Dog have geo localized further 250 dog-friendly hotels in Europe to prevent these phenomena.

Abandoning a dog on the highway or in any other place, as well as breaking our hearts since we love our 2-legged friends so much, also means endangering those who travel these roads who suddenly find themselves in front of a frightened dog. In some cases we poor dogs are lucky because help arrives and we are saved by associations such as Save the Dogs, unfortunately they have limited funds and cannot be everywhere.

If you really love us, don't take us just for Christmas, just think that you will have to share a good stretch of road with us, a nice piece of life. We will be there to celebrate with you e with your children the goals achieved, we will see them grow, go to school, choose university. We will be there to dry the tears with a lick because life always reserves some small sorrows and we will be i your little furry guardian angels.

Let's go back to Everyday is Christmas, it is an album with original and unreleased songs written by SIA, a true artist with a capital A, in fact, was 8-time Grammy Award nomination and is considered among the 10 most influential artists on Spotify thanks also to over 5 billion and 300 million plays. She is above all one girl who loves dogs and therefore he wanted to help us. With her in the album there are also the words of Greg Kurstin, while the face of the videos is of Maddie Ziegler, amazing dancer protagonist of videos like Chandelier and Elastic Heart. Among the songs on the album is, as anticipated of course, Puppies are Forever, where, as I told you, my friends and I participated ... at the bottom of the page you can find our video.

The video was shot with the collaboration of Radio Bau and its legendary director Davide Cavalieri always active for us furry ones, and of course we four-legged ones have lent ourselves to play ... you know how difficult it is ?! 😀

Next to us there have always been our human friends and who, certainly thanks to us, had fun and were able to enjoy the magic of having so many beautiful dogs in tune around.

The video was shot partly in the Porta Venezia Gardens and partly in the Warner Music studios in Milan. We had a lot of fun and if you too want to help us and above all help Save The Dogs, the association that helps abandoned animals, you just have to buy the album so you can have good music perfect to celebrate Christmas and help all the less fortunate dogs.