I'm Eclipse, the dog who takes the bus alone to go play

I take the bus alone to go to the park

Bauciao friends, it's a bit cold day today in Seattle, but that won't stop me from mine daily outing to visit my friends at the dog park. Of course, I prefer it when there is a little sun, also because, who knows how, the people I meet on the bus are always in a better mood in that case, but it doesn't make much difference to me. I like the sparkling air that pricks my nose and then, as soon as I get to the park, I warm up by running and playing with my other four-legged friends. When it rains, which happens frequently here in Seattle, there is always someone wearing a coat or a colored raincoat, and it's nice to interpret those clothes as signs of the attention that bipedal friends dedicate to my playmates, too. if I don't want no coat… and then Seattle is one of the cities anymore dog friendly of the world, we can go almost anywhere and we are welcome.

Eclipse-the-dog-that-takes-the-bus-alone-to-go-play_1My dad Jeff will not accompany me today, he too prefers the sun and today he will stay warm at home. Maybe he'll surprise me and pick me up in a while, but that's okay, because the bus now I take it alone, both outward and return, maybe at home I will update mine facebook page. Which, then, "alone" is not quite the correct term, because now everyone knows me and there is always some nice biped who keeps me company. I'll tell the truth: playing in the park with my friends is the best, but the bus ride is one of my favorite moments. The stop is not far from home and I like it calmly trot and sit on the sidewalk to wait for the bus to arrive. Every now and then it happens that the bus is late and I see that the bipeds around me start to snort and get impatient. For me it does not change much, sooner or later I arrive at the park, but I realized that if there is someone particularly impatient, get up and go near him crouching at his feet it always works. People calm down, give me a few caresses and for a moment they forget the rush to arrive.

By now everyone knows me, here in Seattle, on this stretch of the route, and there is not one who is not happy to see me and does not fail to party for me. I often hear people called: “Eclipse, hello, how are you !?”. "Eclipse, come here and give me a kiss!". "Eclipse, did you have breakfast?".
Regarding breakfast, I must say that the problem does not exist: my dad never makes me miss anything and when he knows I'm going to the park, he never fails to give me a little more food to make sure he is in strength to run around with my friends everything. the time I want. But even if I remain a little hungry, on the bus and at the stop there is always someone who offers me something: a piece of his croissant, a sip of water, a few crumbs of a sandwich ... Sometimes, let's face it, I eat just out of kindness, because i'm not very hungry anymore, but i'm sorry to hurt people who are nice to me, so i don't hold back. However, I am very happy with all this, because I seem to have a lot of friends who take care of me and, above all, to whom I I can give a smile and a moment of lightheartedness, even during the days that seem to have been born wrong.

The drivers, on the other hand, always seem cheerful to me. There isn't one who doesn't give me a nice smile when he sees me get on the bus or who doesn't greet me when I get off at the park stop. Sometimes it happened that me I doze off for a moment on the way and the driver waited a few more seconds when he arrived at the stop, to be sure that I had noticed that I had arrived and that I had to get off.
As for the ticket, there is no problem, because my dad Jeff got me a subscription that I always carry with me, tied to a chain. Not that there is a need now, because everyone knows me and even the authorities know that when I go to and from the park, alone, I have a ticket, I don't create problems, and I know the road well.

Then there are the people I almost always meet: the students, above all, who come and go with their mobile phones always in hand. When they see me, however, they finally put their smartphone in their pocket and chat with me: they ruffle my fur, make me sit next to them ... a moment they stop thinking about chats and applications and enjoy the journey, like I do! Maybe I don't have a phone, but I just can't understand all this attention to a bright screen. Do you want to have a good run in the park chasing a ball? Indeed, we hope that today some of my friends have remembered to bring it, so that we can have a good game all together and warm up for good.

Damn, with this story I just missed the right stop. Fortunately, my other travel companions know very well where I have to get off and practically everyone turned to look at me to see if I was distracted. “Thank you very much, friends”, I send you a couple of BAUs and thank you. See you back when I'm done playing at the park and go home to Jeff. Otherwise see you tomorrow: same bus, same time.



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