I am Job, the dog that came out of the rubble of the earthquake in Norcia

The dog that came out of the rubble: Job speaks.


This time I really feared it was the end: when the earth started shaking I saw my house come down little by little and my panicked human friends run out quickly. After those excited moments I don't remember anything, maybe something hit me and I passed out, I just know that I woke up after I don't know how long in the midst of piles of rubble, dazed and completely alone.

My name is Job and I am a mixed breed dog, my coat is short white with brownish spots on the face and back of the body and I am the dog that came out of the rubble of Norcia after the earthquake. I am not a large dog, I have black eyes, a face that is always wet and I love to wag my tail. I am quite sociable and playful, but also discreet and quiet when I have to. As far as I can remember, I have always lived in Monastery of the Poor Clares, in the city of Norcia together with my sister friends.

Growing up, thanks to my qualities, I was awarded roles of great responsibility: guardian of the Monastery (a task that I carried out with great commitment, frightening all suspicious individuals with my barking), official taster and kitchen administrator (I always made sure the food was good out of concern for my friends), entertainer of the Poor Clares and mascot of the convent.

But let's get to us, the October 30th my house came down but I stayed here to keep watch what's left of it. I hoped that my friends had managed to escape and that they were all fine. They were two days of deep anguish and despair: with nothing to eat and drink, I had nothing left to do but to sit down to think back to the good times, to when I could wander around our ancient monastery and play and be pampered and looked after by my friends. After a day, hunger and thirst began to be felt.

I tried to find something edible but there was only dust to bite into. After a day and a half in these desperate conditions, I began to believe that I would die there, that I would never be able to see my friends again in this life and that I would never wag my tail again. But something inside me, an inner voice, urged me to resist and hope: I had not been abandoned, soon someone would come back to get me and I could hug my loved ones again.

In the end when it seemed that even this hope had abandoned me I heard their unmistakable smell, then their voices and in the end I saw them: they were Sister Lucia and Sister Maria Gabriella with a funny blue helmet on their heads. As soon as I saw them I jumped for joy, they caressed me and reassured me. They told me that they were really worried about me and that they came back to get me as soon as they had the chance.

Now I have been taken to the infirmary because they want to make sure that I am well before taking me back to my Poor Clare friends who have found hospitality in another monastery. They have given me water and food and I am recovering my strength, although I am very very sorry because we have lost our wonderful home. Now, however, I force myself and tell myself that the important thing is to have found all my friends safe and sound, and that home is where the heart is.

My friend Mela (the leader of Trip For Dog), who was kind enough to invite me to write, promised me that as soon as things settle down, the boys will help us promote 4-legged tourism in these parts, they the only search engine and comparison of all hotels that accept dogs in Italy and abroad so ears up 😀

Guys, please, never lose hope is the first rule… As they say, hope is the last to die!
I allow myself below to report the names and contact details of small family-run businesses that sell typical products of Norcia, by purchasing them you will make an important contribution to the many families in difficulty without anyone getting in the way and trying to make money on them.

There are people who they have these products in warehouses considered at risk of landslide but do not leave for fear of being robbed of what little they have left… Instead of throwing away our pennies, we buy their products and spread this message among friends and family by sharing this article, it is important!


The Gricia box office
Gricia pasta kit (near Amatrice)
393 446 0526

Butcher's Casale De Li Tappi
Norcia cured meats and products from Umbria

Norcineria Felici
Products from Norcia, Cascia and Umbria

Norcia dairy shop
Norcia cheese, legumes and honey
Phone: 3331091291

Norcineria Ulivucci
Legumes, pasta, oil and wine

Vetusta Nursia chocolate shop
Chocolate of all kinds

Typical products of Gaffi
Legumes, cheese and other products from Cascia and Umbria

The Norcino from Campi di Norcia
Norcia artisan cured meats

Norcineria F.lli Ansuini
Norcia cured meats

Cheeses and cured meats

Roberto Persiani Agricultural Company
Legumes, potatoes and Cascia saffron

Valle del Sole
Castelluccio farm

Moscatelli truffles Norcia
Cheese and truffles

Norcineria Coccia
Norcia cured meats
Phone: 3337429996

Prosciutteria del Corso
Phone: 3939772180

Sibilla farm of Enrico sheets
Compound jams, sweet sauces, juices and syrups
[email protected]

Honey the Massaro of Norcia and Castelluccio
Honey and derivatives

Norcia Food Online


Image source: La Stampa