The story of Leo, the dog waiting for his human outside the hospital

Leo the dog waiting for his human showing all his love


Hi guys, my name is Leo and that day my dad seemed a bit strange to me, but I didn't hesitate to follow him on a new and long walk. Even if we ended up in a place that I had never seen before: I heard some humans call it a hospital, but the most important thing to me is that my favorite human was inside. We often do interesting walks together and we walk the streets of Udine almost always side by side: each outing is such a source of joy for me that I can't wait to be able to go out again and again. Parks, gardens, city streets. It doesn't really matter, as thethe only thing that really interests me is that my dad is always next to me.

And so when I saw that my human friend was about to leave, I followed him as I always do. I never go around without himotherwise he would feel sad. I, on the other hand, was so happy that day: I didn't know where we would go or how long we would stay outdoors. These things don't interest me, quite the contrary. The longer we stay abroad the better it is for me! So I can smell all over the place, check which other dogs have joined the neighborhood gang, what they ate in the last few days and what route they have traveled. Obviously without ever losing sight of my two-legged best friend! There is always a new smell, a different stimulus.

Even in this new walk I enjoyed the whole journey, from our little house to this bigger one that they call hospital. I obviously stayed outside and lay down on the mat that is in front of the door. My dad often told me that I can't go into places like that, apart from Lombardy that now the dogs can, and I obey. I wait as always and it doesn't matter if it's been hours or days, I wait. I wait until I see my friend again, because that's how he taught me to do since I was little.

And then it didn't bother me at all to wait outside, even if when it got dark I started to feel a little cold. I'm used to the dark and low temperatures don't scare me: so I have the hair to protect me! And then after a while I was there wondering what gift daddy would bring me from his lonely journey, I have seen many humans that I have known with him. Others instead I had never seen them before, but since they all gave me food and drink, it would have been rude not to say hello.

So I wagged my tail and got some cuddles, but every now and then I looked towards the door to see if my human friend was about to return. I wonder if he would bring me a bone or a cookie, I thought. For me they have been a bit lonely days but all in all I was always in company, even if I don't understand why some of the humans looked at me sorry. Some even cried and I could hear them talking to each other about my situation. What situation? I am here and I am waiting for my dad, I wanted to tell everyone. But then it came in handy that they cared so much about me: they took pictures of me and caressed me all. Indeed, I also ended up on social media and now I have many new friends! Luckily dad after a few days left that place and we went home together, as always.