The story of the Figaro dog, from stray to home cuddly

The moving story of the Figaro dog

My name is Figaro and I am a dog who in bad luck had the rare opportunity to have a mother who has always loved me without reserve.
My story begins when I was just a puppy and someone thought of abandoning me on the street. I was scared, I did not know where to go and I was not very well, until one day I found myself in the middle of a highway, not knowing what to do.

Mum Chiara caught a glimpse of me, took courage and crossed that road to come towards me. I no longer trusted those I have always considered friends, so when she got close I tried to defend myself in the only way I knew: growling and scaring her. Chiara though she did not give up and, having understood my difficult situation, she managed with her friends to take me to his house. It was November 1, 2001. I felt confused and the first place that seemed safe to me was a vase, where I stayed for hours while she watched me.

I realized that somehow he wanted to help me, but his family didn't totally agree, so I feared that I would soon find myself on the street again. I had not yet fully understood his intentions. The next day we found ourselves in an unknown environment and something happened here that I did not expect. It was certainly from a doctor who should have treated me, but she did not have the same delicacy as Chiara. He just told her that I was not well because I had mange and that my character was not suitable for living with her and her family, which is now mine too: 8P

My mom, who loves me so much, she did not give up and on the advice of the veterinarian contacted a dog educator to soften my suspicious character and to be able to revive a relationship. Luigi is a great friend of mine and, together with Chiara, they did everything to recover my health.
I had a lot of fun with him and I finally learned to love Chiara, who hoped so much to break down these barriers.

Finally my new life with my mom he was able to start, starting with the kennel he built for me with pallets recovered from his father. I had a house and I immediately liked it, like the garden where it was located and, some time later, also the inside of the house.

A few years have passed and in 2007 suddenly I got sick. My vet made a no-appeal diagnosis: spinal cord bleeding that allowed me to move only my eyes. I was hospitalized in a clinic, where after a few days they sent me home with Chiara without giving me high hopes. Thanks to Chiara's love instead I got up, starting with the front legs and over time I have also partially recovered the functionality of the hind legs. My mom thought about helping me with the physiotherapy and also with a trolley that would allow me to move and run like my dog ​​friends.

After a few years, however, I had an epileptic seizure and despite the aftermath I still managed to recover, even if this time I lost the use of my rear legs. Today I am 16 and my mom bought me a new trolley, with which I can still move, despite my venerable age. The sound of Chiara's voice calling me is music for me and when I hear my name I am happy, because she is she has always loved me for who I am: stubborn, lopsided, but with a heart that beats for her... Chiara also dedicated a page on Facebook to me: Figaro effect modestly. 😉

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