Walter the dog running towards the sea In Syracuse, on vacation with his family, my dog ​​friend Walter was given this GoPro Fetch harness to be able to film and see from his point of view using a small and light camera called GoPro It resumes its run from home to the sea,

Today May 11th is our holiday, World Dog Day. Lots of Bauguri to all my furry friends in Italy, Europe, the world whether they are pure mestizos or purebred, big or small, long or short-haired ... for me it's the same we are really a lot: only in Europe we are 60 million , did you know that?

Free rides in Milan, Rome, Turin and Genoa even with a dog or a cat Today is a difficult day for movements due to the national strike of local public transport called by the Usb and the Uber drivers today offer you the ride for FREE.

My friend was afraid to take the plane! My trusty bipedal friend, until a few months ago was unemployed and I consoled him with licks and yelps of joy. Well, I must admit that I was not always able to make him smile but as an intelligent dog I am, I waited for the bad mood to pass but unfortunately the

Last Saturday, Marco, my human reference, and I went out for dinner for the first time! I was not sure what it meant to go out to dinner, or rather, I had already heard humans say it. I too had been a few times before to those places that humans call bars and a couple of too

I can finally visit my best friend in the hospital! Until a few days ago I was very sad because my friend was no longer at home. He explained to me that he would have to go away for about a month to go to a place where people who are not well go but I who

My human satisfies me in everything! I love. It was one of those mid-October afternoons and my bipedal friend had taken me as usual to run around in the park. I did my usual nice jog, a little "advance" to the poodle of the lady on the bench next to me and I fought with the Maltese who

From Milan to Genoa: the destination is boarding for Barcelona, ​​my human has booked a very normal seat with Trenitalia. But since the dog ticket cannot be done online (they forgot the option) he organized and went to buy the tickets at the nearest authorized travel agency.