Introducing myself Hello, my name is Poldo, I am a four-year-old dog who has always lived in the home of Marco and Livia, the humans who adopted me. I don't remember what happened to me before, I just know that I was very young and I was welcomed because someone had abandoned me. From that moment on

In a pet shop in Brazil, the Priceless Pets association made the experiment of replacing the dogs and cats in the window with those of their kennel. Dogs and cats taken from the kennel were placed in the various windows without telling customers and when people interested in buying were told that the reaction was free

The dog and its language Understanding the language of the dog (Me and my dog) is a practical guide written by Valeria Rossi, founder of the blog I introduce you to the dog, which allows you to establish the best possible relationship between us dogs and our humans . Often, I must admit, educating ourselves is not easy but the reason