Vacationing with a dog in Barcelona Hi everyone, I'm Struzzy, a spicy Apulian dog on a mission to Barcelona. My mothers took me here on vacation this year, because they say that this is the city of sun and happiness and they are really right: it always seems fiesta! I have to say the trip

Barcelona, ​​Barcelona, ​​Barcelinda, Barceloca and Barna are many ways in which it is called… Barça no! That's the soccer team. It will be that my human has lived there for quite some time I am already fond of it and luckily there are so many dog ​​areas and parks here. In particular the

Personally it is the way I prefer to travel, by sea. In fact, my master has avoided the plane since I am here to avoid leaving me locked in a cage in the plane hold in the dark among the luggage with the paranoia of finding myself on arrival all freaked out and scared ... and thank goodness 🙂 Traveling