All you need is a love and imagination dog Hello everyone! My name is Athena, I am almost four years old and I am a Chihuahua. I am super proud because my mum has written and drawn a book about me and my big brother Arthur, and it seems right that I express my opinion,

The dog and its language Understanding the language of the dog (Me and my dog) is a practical guide written by Valeria Rossi, founder of the blog I introduce you to the dog, which allows you to establish the best possible relationship between us dogs and our humans . Often, I must admit, educating ourselves is not easy but the reason

A splendid work that of Lili Chin, has grouped and designed the main dog breeds divided by origin. I am a very pure mestizo but more or less so I can go back to my ancestors too. The author's website is in case someone decides to commission a caricature of their 4-legged friend or

Hi, I'm Marco a very nice half-breed, modestly, today I'm talking about Christmas and many nice things that you can put under the Christmas tree to make your 4-legged friends happy, but above all to make the Christmas atmosphere more harmonious. I know that you just don't know how to get by on your own with gifts

Hi guys, this is Ruby, he is a mestizo friend of mine who lives in Rome and has decided to write a book about his experiences. Shortly after his birth he was placed in a kennel where he lived for eight years, or at least until he found humans who had him.