Finally dogs, cats and rabbits in hospital: you no longer have to give up the love of your four-legged friends, at least in Lombardy. This morning I was like every morning with Caterina, my human mother, out for the usual stroll in the neighborhood. She always buys the newspaper because she likes to keep informed and so

Pet Therapy course for dogs, cats and rabbits Hi friends Bau, I'm Belle, a splendid 3-year-old Golden Retriever and I take care of pet therapy together with my best friend Elena, today I want to talk to you about a great opportunity to become an assistant dogs, cats , rabbits for pet therapy, in fact, registrations are open

The new film "The Secret Life of Animals" is coming for February 12, 2016, the announcement of its production by Universal and Illumination Entertainment was already given in 2014 but now at least we can enjoy the trailer in Italian, we personally can't wait to see it.

In a pet shop in Brazil, the Priceless Pets association made the experiment of replacing the dogs and cats in the window with those of their kennel. Dogs and cats taken from the kennel were placed in the various windows without telling customers and when people interested in buying were told that the reaction was free