Horrible portraits of animals for charity Good morning beautiful friends, it's me again, the mythical Charlie, a phenomenon dog who saves the life of a human friend. Today I want to tell you about a friend of mine, Hercule Van Wonfilkle, he is a boy of 28, English (his real name is Phil Heckels, but since he is an artist

Pampering cats, a full-fledged profession Hello, I'm Polpetta and we know that our two-legged friends have to work all day to buy us soft kennels and delicious morsels to be enjoyed in front of the heated radiator. There are those who stay in the office for eight hours, those who work in bars

A new Ikea dog and cat Ikea line is coming. I heard my mum say Ikea, and I immediately raised an ear, because this word means so many things to me: first of all it means taking a walk among many beautiful beds and super comfortable sofas, which I cannot climb on. And then it means

The new film "The Secret Life of Animals" is coming for February 12, 2016, the announcement of its production by Universal and Illumination Entertainment was already given in 2014 but now at least we can enjoy the trailer in Italian, we personally can't wait to see it.

In a pet shop in Brazil, the Priceless Pets association made the experiment of replacing the dogs and cats in the window with those of their kennel. Dogs and cats taken from the kennel were placed in the various windows without telling customers and when people interested in buying were told that the reaction was free