Special Valentine's Day dog ​​friendly weekend RIMINI - 10, 11, 12 February 2019 A romantic dog friendly weekend to spend with those you love and those who truly love you. To play, learn, meet new furry friends and not, always followed and advised by the dog trainer Renato Rossi. Free access to all areas of the hotel, including the

The paradise for a holiday with a dog in Carinthia Hello friends my name is Bubbola, I am a tricolor dog and everyone says that I have a beautiful face. I am very lucky because I adore my human and she adores me so much that we would never separate and for nothing in the world. Last weekend me and mine

Going to the cinema and theater with your dog or cat is now possible. Finally after a long time they realized that we quadrupeds in front of the screens where you can see the images that move, that make noise but you do not smell the smells in the end we are at ease if we are obviously in

Hi everyone, I'm Super Joe, a blind cocker, greedy for cookies and My pet's hero mascot. My pet's hero is a community of people who believe that every dog ​​is special and therefore a super dog! My power, for example, is to be able to be pampered by everyone 🙂

Kippy the GPS for dogs that is used with an app Hello friends, an amazing thing has happened! My friend Zoe got lost and we are all worried also because there are more than 87000 dogs that get lost every year in Italy. You want us to get scared or get caught

Pet therapy at Meyer in Florence My name is Lillo and I am a medical dog, specialized in pet therapy, a very effective therapy for children who are unwell and with me, and other colleagues of mine, they manage to heal or get better. My work is very beautiful and I am committed to

A dog with the whole family in Mirabilandia Mirabilandia is a fantastic place, full of fun, full of children and happy families who love to spend unforgettable days. But the best thing is that all those families who want to bring their four-legged friend with them, can do it safely. Just

Trip For Dog adopts the Charter of Dog Rights The main objective is to disseminate the characteristics and needs of the dog as a species other than humans: to teach them to respect their diversity, needs and uniqueness and to help you share every moment with your four-legged, after all we specialize in 4-legged trips and holidays.

The unconditional love of dogs is unparalleled, they could wait hours and hours standing there motionless waiting for their human, but when it is about to arrive they know it perfectly and their friend is always welcomed in the best way ... Wagging their tail like only an angel 4-legged can do.

Tuesday 6 January, the happiest appointment of ENPA in Monza and Brianza, the Befana dei Cani e del Catti, returns! In the central Piazza Trento e Trieste in Monza, the ENPA Christmas stall, present every day (except Thursday 1 January), will be transformed into a cheerful gazebo dedicated to the Befana and the animals that ENPA takes care of every day. Present

We sincerely thank those who invented this wonder where we dogs can participate in the silent fireworks that humans use at parties, no bangs and we enjoy the party with them without having to stay home or die of fear.

My friend was afraid to take the plane! My trusty bipedal friend, until a few months ago was unemployed and I consoled him with licks and yelps of joy. Well, I must admit that I was not always able to make him smile but as an intelligent dog I am, I waited for the bad mood to pass but unfortunately the

Today I tell you a sad story but with a nice ending. My name is Geremia and I am a pure mestizo and for many years I had a very young friend. He and I got along very well, we were inseparable and close friends. There was no place he didn't take me, I looked like his shadow. We were all together