Horrible portraits of animals for charity Good morning beautiful friends, it's me again, the mythical Charlie, a phenomenon dog who saves the life of a human friend. Today I want to tell you about a friend of mine, Hercule Van Wonfilkle, he is a boy of 28, English (his real name is Phil Heckels, but since he is an artist

Bauciao friends, my dad has the beautiful custom, like everyone in the family, to read aloud to share the story with everyone including me, Mela. I like this habit a lot because otherwise I could never know the exciting and incredible stories they write about in the short stories. What I want to talk to you about today is

An excellence famous all over the world: Italian School of Rescue Dogs Bauciao friends, this is the talk of Mela, the President of Trip For Dog. We were guests of the Italian School of Rescue Dogs, the boys and furry ones who save lives at sea. It's a special day for me and my human since

An original gift: noble version of portraits of Bauciao friends dogs. It's raining badly outside, just for a change on the weekend, and yes I have to fall out of heat all week and when we could finally go out for a nice ride in the green in the mountains to stay cool and run around a bit

Dog holidays in Bibione: 4-legged hotels and activities But how beautiful Bibione is! Charlie's word! Let me introduce myself, I am a 5 year old mixed breed. Particular signs: incurable plague! I love to run around and have fun, but always in the company of my best bipedal friend: Giovanni. He too, like me, is a lover of fun and just for

All those things that dogs do Have you ever wondered why those things that dogs often do to you humans are incomprehensible? I will gladly explain it to you, but first let me introduce myself! Hi, my name is Rex and I am a nearly nine year old German Shepherd. I live happily in Palermo with i

Dogs finally move for bathing in Emilia Romagna Now that I am almost 10 years old I remember more and more often the first time my best friend took me to see the sea. I was little more than a puppy and I loved two things to death: the new discoveries and the gesture with which

A new Ikea dog and cat Ikea line is coming. I heard my mum say Ikea, and I immediately raised an ear, because this word means so many things to me: first of all it means taking a walk among many beautiful beds and super comfortable sofas, which I cannot climb on. And then it means

The 4-legged operators at the airport Hi my name is Moka and I am a beautiful, sweet, adorable mixed breed dog, at least that's what they tell me, but I think I have some other qualities too, sorry for the modesty. I'm here to tell you about my experience in Malpensa airports as an expert dog in pet therapy. Pet therapy is

Mylandog's 4-legged Christmas Village Hi guys, this Sunday you will find us at the 4-legged Christmas Village, in short, made to measure for us four-legged people at the Magazzini Generali in Milan. Yes, we were kindly invited by the organization: Fabio Ferrari president of Mylandog in collaboration with Davide Cavalieri director of Radio Bau, for the third

How and what do dogs dream when they sleep Hello, I am Ulysses, I have a real passion for pigeons that are placed between my paws, chicken morsels and Gaia, the puppy of a man who has recently arrived in the house where I have lived for almost five years. Tonight? I had a bad dream. Yes, because we dogs

The paradise for a holiday with a dog in Carinthia Hello friends my name is Bubbola, I am a tricolor dog and everyone says that I have a beautiful face. I am very lucky because I adore my human and she adores me so much that we would never separate and for nothing in the world. Last weekend me and mine

No one in the hold, 44 dogs aboard the All Nippon Airways plane Hello everyone my name is Butch and I am a labrador of about three years, I have shiny black hair, always wet nose, brown eyes and a great desire to play and cuddles. My human is called Daniel and, since when there

Dog trekking: Bagni di San Candido (BZ) Hello everyone, my name is Anja and I am a splendid 11-year-old female German shepherd and I take many walks with my human Anto who is an expert mountaineer and writes books, but I am now too I have my experience ... I'm not really "first hair", the

Dogs pampered by little humans I greet all of you human friends, my name is Joe, I am 4 years old and I am a cross between a Setter and a German Shepherd. I live in the United States, more precisely in Saint Louis, in the state of Missouri. I currently live in a Humane Society dog ​​shelter