Ready for a day at the "Luna Park for dogs"? In Milan, my hometown, on Sunday 19 July at Cascina Monluè there will be the first Luna Park for dogs. The event is organized by Mylandog a Milanese association and from 19 pm it will be possible to play dog ​​and humans together.

The new film "The Secret Life of Animals" is coming for February 12, 2016, the announcement of its production by Universal and Illumination Entertainment was already given in 2014 but now at least we can enjoy the trailer in Italian, we personally can't wait to see it.

Pet therapy at Meyer in Florence My name is Lillo and I am a medical dog, specialized in pet therapy, a very effective therapy for children who are unwell and with me, and other colleagues of mine, they manage to heal or get better. My work is very beautiful and I am committed to

A dog with the whole family in Mirabilandia Mirabilandia is a fantastic place, full of fun, full of children and happy families who love to spend unforgettable days. But the best thing is that all those families who want to bring their four-legged friend with them, can do it safely. Just

The dog and its language Understanding the language of the dog (Me and my dog) is a practical guide written by Valeria Rossi, founder of the blog I introduce you to the dog, which allows you to establish the best possible relationship between us dogs and our humans . Often, I must admit, educating ourselves is not easy but the reason

The unconditional love of dogs is unparalleled, they could wait hours and hours standing there motionless waiting for their human, but when it is about to arrive they know it perfectly and their friend is always welcomed in the best way ... Wagging their tail like only an angel 4-legged can do.

Feast is the title of the beautiful short film from Disney that last night won the Oscar for the “Animated Short Film” category.

Tuesday 6 January, the happiest appointment of ENPA in Monza and Brianza, the Befana dei Cani e del Catti, returns! In the central Piazza Trento e Trieste in Monza, the ENPA Christmas stall, present every day (except Thursday 1 January), will be transformed into a cheerful gazebo dedicated to the Befana and the animals that ENPA takes care of every day. Present

We sincerely thank those who invented this wonder where we dogs can participate in the silent fireworks that humans use at parties, no bangs and we enjoy the party with them without having to stay home or die of fear.

In collaboration with Ieia, a cartoon life we ​​created the 2014/15 campaign: "I SAY NO TO NEW YEAR'S BARRELS, I HAVE A FEAR OF DOGS" If for humans it is a day of celebration and fun, for all of us animals it is a just a real nightmare. Loud, sudden and repeated noises are the cause of many deaths each year in the species

The first time the two puppies meet… and it's love at first sight. Seeing is believing. [sociallocker id = ”16518 ″] [/ sociallocker]

Many dogs suffer from separation anxiety, and 15-year-old Brooke Martin from Spokane (Washington) knows something about it. Every time she left her faithful four-legged companion Kayla home for school she felt terribly guilty ... so this little girl came up with the amazing idea that allows humans to be busy outside the home.

A splendid work that of Lili Chin, has grouped and designed the main dog breeds divided by origin. I am a very pure mestizo but more or less so I can go back to my ancestors too. The author's website is in case someone decides to commission a caricature of their 4-legged friend or

From tomorrow my human I know is starting to train like this Border Collie named Nana ... she is really fantastic but I think I will love being able to do some of the things she does so well. Good vision!

This is that he is a born actor, very good and really with a lot of patience ... my mom what has to do to make these humans happy. But in my opinion he really enjoyed himself by dint of rewards, I almost ask my human to make a video too so he fills me with biscuits too.