Hi everyone, I'm Super Joe, a blind cocker, greedy for cookies and My pet's hero mascot. My pet's hero is a community of people who believe that every dog ​​is special and therefore a super dog! My power, for example, is to be able to be pampered by everyone 🙂

The unconditional love of dogs is unparalleled, they could wait hours and hours standing there motionless waiting for their human, but when it is about to arrive they know it perfectly and their friend is always welcomed in the best way ... Wagging their tail like only an angel 4-legged can do.

A splendid work that of Lili Chin, has grouped and designed the main dog breeds divided by origin. I am a very pure mestizo but more or less so I can go back to my ancestors too. The author's website is www.doggiedrawings.net in case someone decides to commission a caricature of their 4-legged friend or

From tomorrow my human I know is starting to train like this Border Collie named Nana ... she is really fantastic but I think I will love being able to do some of the things she does so well. Good vision!

Hi, I'm Marco a very nice half-breed, modestly, today I'm talking about Christmas and many nice things that you can put under the Christmas tree to make your 4-legged friends happy, but above all to make the Christmas atmosphere more harmonious. I know that you just don't know how to get by on your own with gifts