The Baucamp in Trentino Alto Adige with a dog Bauciao friends I introduce myself, I am Tobia a beautiful border collie, last weekend I took my human family on vacation in Trentino Alto Adige, precisely we participated in the BauCamp, that is an experience built and designed for families with dogs ... we were the beta testers

The paradise for a holiday with a dog in Carinthia Hello friends my name is Bubbola, I am a tricolor dog and everyone says that I have a beautiful face. I am very lucky because I adore my human and she adores me so much that we would never separate and for nothing in the world. Last weekend me and mine

Dog trekking: Bagni di San Candido (BZ) Hello everyone, my name is Anja and I am a splendid 11-year-old female German shepherd and I take many walks with my human Anto who is an expert mountaineer and writes books, but I am now too I have my experience ... I'm not really "first hair", the

In general, traveling with us dogs is not easy, we do not deny it, but traveling Europe with your dog is less complicated than it seems, a little organization is enough. We can confirm this for you Traveling Chihuahuas, two chihuahua dogs adopted by a blonde who travel around Europe, and even beyond, with

My name is Sid and with my human Alex Hopes we traveled America from coast to coast in about two months. He is a photographer but also when I am not playing, sleeping or eating I take some pictures with my photo bib. We met many people, many different foods but above all many landscapes… I honestly

Kippy the GPS for dogs that is used with an app Hello friends, an amazing thing has happened! My friend Zoe got lost and we are all worried also because there are more than 87000 dogs that get lost every year in Italy. You want us to get scared or get caught

Traveling with my human has always been fun, it has taken me everywhere in the last 4 years: Italy, France, Spain and England ... I learned to bark in many languages ​​and just today, which is my birthday and I am 4 years old, is a day that we celebrate with the usual gifts, besides mine

A dog with the whole family in Mirabilandia Mirabilandia is a fantastic place, full of fun, full of children and happy families who love to spend unforgettable days. But the best thing is that all those families who want to bring their four-legged friend with them, can do it safely. Just

Free rides in Milan, Rome, Turin and Genoa even with a dog or a cat Today is a difficult day for movements due to the national strike of local public transport called by the Usb and the Uber drivers today offer you the ride for FREE.

Tuesday 6 January, the happiest appointment of ENPA in Monza and Brianza, the Befana dei Cani e del Catti, returns! In the central Piazza Trento e Trieste in Monza, the ENPA Christmas stall, present every day (except Thursday 1 January), will be transformed into a cheerful gazebo dedicated to the Befana and the animals that ENPA takes care of every day. Present

We sincerely thank those who invented this wonder where we dogs can participate in the silent fireworks that humans use at parties, no bangs and we enjoy the party with them without having to stay home or die of fear.

Last Saturday, Marco, my human reference, and I went out for dinner for the first time! I was not sure what it meant to go out to dinner, or rather, I had already heard humans say it. I too had been a few times before to those places that humans call bars and a couple of too

I can finally visit my best friend in the hospital! Until a few days ago I was very sad because my friend was no longer at home. He explained to me that he would have to go away for about a month to go to a place where people who are not well go but I who

In collaboration with Ieia, a cartoon life we ​​created the 2014/15 campaign: "I SAY NO TO NEW YEAR'S BARRELS, I HAVE A FEAR OF DOGS" If for humans it is a day of celebration and fun, for all of us animals it is a just a real nightmare. Loud, sudden and repeated noises are the cause of many deaths each year in the species