Leo the dog waiting for his human showing all his love Hi guys, my name is Leo and that day my dad seemed a bit strange to me, but I didn't hesitate to follow him on a new and long walk. Even if we ended up in a place I never had

Finally dogs, cats and rabbits in hospital: you no longer have to give up the love of your four-legged friends, at least in Lombardy. This morning I was like every morning with Caterina, my human mother, out for the usual stroll in the neighborhood. She always buys the newspaper because she likes to keep informed and so

Now I can accompany my little human to the hospital My name is Pluto and I am the best friend of Martina, a little girl who has various health problems, I worry a lot about her and every time she has to go to the hospital I go anxious because I don't see her coming home to the usual

Pet therapy at Meyer in Florence My name is Lillo and I am a medical dog, specialized in pet therapy, a very effective therapy for children who are unwell and with me, and other colleagues of mine, they manage to heal or get better. My work is very beautiful and I am committed to

JJ the first bau in the operating room Today I had a great life lesson! I am a Maltesian and very grumpy. I must admit that I do not trust anyone and I consider myself a good 'Red Cross nurse'. Do you want to know how I do it? Well, in the dog area of ​​the park where my bipedal friend often takes me, there are many

I can finally visit my best friend in the hospital! Until a few days ago I was very sad because my friend was no longer at home. He explained to me that he would have to go away for about a month to go to a place where people who are not well go but I who