Pet Therapy course for dogs, cats and rabbits Hi friends Bau, I'm Belle, a splendid 3-year-old Golden Retriever and I take care of pet therapy together with my best friend Elena, today I want to talk to you about a great opportunity to become an assistant dogs, cats , rabbits for pet therapy, in fact, registrations are open

The 4-legged operators at the airport Hi my name is Moka and I am a beautiful, sweet, adorable mixed breed dog, at least that's what they tell me, but I think I have some other qualities too, sorry for the modesty. I'm here to tell you about my experience in Malpensa airports as an expert dog in pet therapy. Pet therapy is

A day with a pet therapy dog ​​Hi, my name is Toffy and I am a very special, soft, nice and cheerful dog. Precisely for this reason, twice a week I carry out my Pet Therapy activity at the hospice of the Vidas association. Here the most fragile patients are cared for, the terminally ill who cannot be cured

Fighting odontophobia with your dog at the dentist Hello everyone! My name is Book and I am a beautiful (or so my mom always tells me) golden retriever of two and a half years. I live with the whole family in the beautiful lands of Ponente Ligure, in the province of Genoa. I am a very sociable dog, a real playful

Hi, my name is Mahe, I am a beautiful female Labrador of about three years and of black color. As a puppy I attended the Dogs New Zealand Trust for six months, a training school for dogs in New Zealand, where they teach us as they say, to enrich the lives of humans with disabilities and it is called Pet Therapy.

Pet therapy at Meyer in Florence My name is Lillo and I am a medical dog, specialized in pet therapy, a very effective therapy for children who are unwell and with me, and other colleagues of mine, they manage to heal or get better. My work is very beautiful and I am committed to

My friend was afraid to take the plane! My trusty bipedal friend, until a few months ago was unemployed and I consoled him with licks and yelps of joy. Well, I must admit that I was not always able to make him smile but as an intelligent dog I am, I waited for the bad mood to pass but unfortunately the

Today I tell you a sad story but with a nice ending. My name is Geremia and I am a pure mestizo and for many years I had a very young friend. He and I got along very well, we were inseparable and close friends. There was no place he didn't take me, I looked like his shadow. We were all together

JJ the first bau in the operating room Today I had a great life lesson! I am a Maltesian and very grumpy. I must admit that I do not trust anyone and I consider myself a good 'Red Cross nurse'. Do you want to know how I do it? Well, in the dog area of ​​the park where my bipedal friend often takes me, there are many

I can finally visit my best friend in the hospital! Until a few days ago I was very sad because my friend was no longer at home. He explained to me that he would have to go away for about a month to go to a place where people who are not well go but I who

They call me Pucci. I am a dog. I am robust and blond. I heard someone say I look like a big stuffed animal. I am also young, I am only three years old, but I am very responsible. For some time I have been collaborating with an association that tries to help those in difficulty. At first I didn't understand what I had to do,