Some advice for traveling with a dog in a car Yesterday I was at the park with my friend Bob, a Labrador, frankly very nice aesthetically, but not everyone can be as brilliant as me, who desperately confessed to me that he was afraid of the vicinity of the holidays because his family has to go on vacation and given

How nice we finally leave and all together! My name is Ax and I am a very blond golden retriver, I have heard my humans taking me on vacation by train this year and for me it is the first time, I have never gone there and I am really very excited. On Trenitalia and Arrows trains it is possible to travel with

Dog trekking: Bagni di San Candido (BZ) Hello everyone, my name is Anja and I am a splendid 11-year-old female German shepherd and I take many walks with my human Anto who is an expert mountaineer and writes books, but I am now too I have my experience ... I'm not really "first hair", the