Mountains, lakes, woods the important thing is to be prepared to walk with a dog in trekking Bauciao friends, I have always liked going with my dad to mountains and woods, especially when a pond or a waterfall comes out from the paths where I can dive ... of course I always ask permission first, otherwise whoever hears it

After the summer break, the pack outings begin again, join us Bauciao friends, after a pseudo break alternating the organization of new projects with a minimum of vacation ... in collaboration with our expert friends from Mylandog and iDog we have organized two pack outings very different from each other but at the same time very high

Woof! The time of year that I prefer most is approaching, that of the Christmas holidays! Most of them do not stay at home during this period, but they move almost everywhere. If you have a dog, in these trips you must consider that you are not alone and therefore, it is advisable to choose a place that allows us