I can finally visit my best friend in the hospital! Until a few days ago I was very sad because my friend was no longer at home. He explained to me that he would have to go away for about a month to go to a place where people who are not well go but I who

In collaboration with Ieia, a cartoon life we ​​created the 2014/15 campaign: "I SAY NO TO NEW YEAR'S BARRELS, I HAVE A FEAR OF DOGS" If for humans it is a day of celebration and fun, for all of us animals it is a just a real nightmare. Loud, sudden and repeated noises are the cause of many deaths each year in the species

The first reality show that tells the stories of animals in need of care admitted to the Roma Sud Veterinary Clinic is broadcast on Sky Uno HD. From 18 March, from Monday to Friday, at 19.25.

  When traveling, you never know, it is always better to prepare and have our human carry a first aid kit suitable for us in case there is a need for it on vacation. FIRST AID KIT: - Eye drops and wipes; - Advantix or Frontline; - Disinfectant; - Car sickness tablets

How and where to get a dog passport Before leaving it will be useful to check the veterinarian, if the destination is foreign it will be necessary to have the rabies vaccination, necessary to request the dog's passport which costs about € 35 + VAT and obviously the microchip or the tattoo in order. Only after the 21st day