Colby and Blue, two golden retriever puppies These golden retriever puppies were filmed during their first 9 months of life at mealtime, watching them run and grow day after day is a sight. Check out the other dog videos too.  

Walter the dog running towards the sea In Syracuse, on vacation with his family, my dog ​​friend Walter was given this GoPro Fetch harness to be able to film and see from his point of view using a small and light camera called GoPro It resumes its run from home to the sea,

Feast is the title of the beautiful short film from Disney that last night won the Oscar for the “Animated Short Film” category.

We sincerely thank those who invented this wonder where we dogs can participate in the silent fireworks that humans use at parties, no bangs and we enjoy the party with them without having to stay home or die of fear.

The first time the two puppies meet… and it's love at first sight. Seeing is believing. [sociallocker id = ”16518 ″] [/ sociallocker]

From tomorrow my human I know is starting to train like this Border Collie named Nana ... she is really fantastic but I think I will love being able to do some of the things she does so well. Good vision!

This is that he is a born actor, very good and really with a lot of patience ... my mom what has to do to make these humans happy. But in my opinion he really enjoyed himself by dint of rewards, I almost ask my human to make a video too so he fills me with biscuits too.

The first reality show that tells the stories of animals in need of care admitted to the Roma Sud Veterinary Clinic is broadcast on Sky Uno HD. From 18 March, from Monday to Friday, at 19.25.

A super compilation of "guilty" dogs that have done something. It's amazing how they know very well that they have made some pranks and try to be forgiven with those sweet eyes ... pimps! 🙂

The Peanuts movie in 3D is coming: Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the rest of the gang ready to make us live a new spectacular adventure to be savored… soon, well… 2015. We have to wait a little longer.

In a cold and dark kennel a young beagle is waiting for the right person to take him home. Meanwhile, time passes and the beagle is increasingly sad. Until one day a little girl arrives and he does everything he can to get carried away. “Take Me Home” is an animated short film created

This friend of mine went crazy when he saw his Christmas present, received in advance by the way… 210 plastic bottles all for him. Fantastic, now I make the letter for Santa Claus that I want too.