Many discounts every day on Zoobio the new online store for us animals

The new Zoobio pet shop

Bau everyone! My human dad is always so kind to me and I must say that he really knows how to spoil me ... the jelly at home is never lacking, and in addition to the classic croquettes, every now and then I find myself in the bowl also some delicious wet feeds that he mixes together with the crunches ... how much I love them, and how much I love him for it!

He has been buying it for me for some time directly online: initially I just couldn't understand how it was possible and I thought to myself "but is it magic?", then I understood everything when one day I heard a gentleman ring the intercom delivering packages ... among which there was also the one with my pimp!

No doubt about it, buying on the Internet must be really comfortable: I remember that first Claudio, my human dad, he came home with heavy shopping bags, actually he still does it now, but to buy only a few products, such as food for me or the coffee pods he loves so much, he always turns to his nice little computer by now.
One day he wanted to involve me in the purchase: he made me sit on his legs and me did discover the site from which he buys kibble and wet feed (I would like them every day, how good they are!): Zoobio, the new portal that pays off a lot.

The site is so cute, and as soon as I saw it I immediately noticed a lot of furry brothers of various races! Looking at it more closely I noticed lots of categories, and I immediately thought that from my daddy's computer it is possible to buy many products for animals: dog, Cat, Birds, Small Animals, Aquaristics, Horses, Terrarium, in addition there are also two categories dedicated to brands and special offers.

In short, Zoobio is not only for my furry brothers, but it is rich in feed and products for other 4-legged and non-XNUMX-legged animals too! Papi showed me how to buy from the Internet, and what to say ... very easy, if I could use the mouse I would do it myself 😉
Just click on the products and they end up in the cart, at the top right, when all have been entered, just click on Payment, and that's it.
Claudio explained to me that the money is not only the money that I see every day in the saucer in the kitchen, or the paper that he keeps in his wallet, but the money can also be kept on the Internet and can be used to pay with a click. How beautiful!

Speaking of pennies on the Internet, papi explained to me that Zoobio also offers great discounts concerning products for dogs and cats… what luck!

There are many discounts on many products every day, not bad! As a good dad, my best friend doesn't tell me how much my baby food costs him, but what can I say, I'm happy if Zoobio saves it, as well as taking it directly home!

I'm glad my human let me find out, but I hope for him that he will never leave me alone at the computer telling me where the pennies are too… with all the feeds available on this site, I think I would take a lot!

To all my 4-legged brothers, therefore, I recommend this site, maybe let your human parents know about it: you can choose a lot of delicious feeds, the website also offers some nice discounts (human mothers and fathers will be happy), moreover the feed arrives directly at home. What more do you want? Bau!