How cool, I have my vet passport too!How and where to make a dog passport

Before leaving, it will be useful to check the veterinarian, if the destination is foreign it will be necessary to make it there rabies vaccination, necessary to request the dog passport which costs about € 35 + VAT and obviously the microchip or tattoo in order.
Only after the 21st day after vaccination will it be possible to leave. In the meantime, your human will have to go to the veterinary ASL of your city to request the passport for the dog, equipped with an updated health card.


It is mandatory to have all the annual vaccinations in order.
From 2018, thanks to a new anti-rabies drug (Versiguard Rabies), the passport will last for 3 years! Fantastic before it only lasted a year.

For the request please note that they do not accept cash, ATM only o credit cards… At least in Milan. After a quick check, the document will be issued to you immediately. It is recommended make appointment.

NB Look in detail how traveling with a dog abroad by country


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