Rome 4-legged tour: a unique experience to live with your dog

The first 4-legged Rome Tour starts

Hi I'm Giotto, a beautiful brownish spotted white dog, I don't know exactly what breed, they tell me setters but I don't know what breeds are for me we are all the same. Anyway, let's forget about my characteristics, today I want to talk to you about a splendid initiative that I will participate in on Saturday December 16, 2017 in Rome. I will be present with the girl I live with at a dog friendly tour in Rome, it's about a particular guided tour which aims to bring people closer to art and to sensitize more and more people to live in close contact with animals demonstrating that a dog is not an obstacle to managing daily life and one's passions because together we can do everything. The dog-friendly tour is organized by Trip For Dog and Appetitours and will be present Katia, a tour guide of Rome with a particular passion for dogs and Breon a dog trainer born in New York but has now lived in Rome for 20 years.

The Tour

If you too will participate with your human friend, as well as know me, you will be able to know the wonders of Bernini's fountains in Rome. Surely you have heard of the fountain of the Four Rivers in the heart of Rome, Piazza Navona. This is completely made of travertine, a very particular and precious marble. Four colossal figures, seated in contrasting poses, personify the great rivers of the four continents: the Nile, the Ganges, the Danube and the Río de la Plata: an imposing work created with great meticulousness by Gian Luigi Bernini. But of course that's not all we will walk along Largo Argentina and the cats,little elephant of the Minerva, Pantheon, Castel S.Angelo with its statues... in short, a beautiful walk breathing art. During the guided tour you my friend, together with your human family you can discover all the legends that are told about these works, also you can discover a lot of little information about us four-legged friends, because you think you know us well, but that's not always the case.

Dog friendly tour: discovering with your dog

Thanks to the presence of Breon, your human friend will also be able to discover the tips to train us better. In short, it is not that we dogs need to be trained, only that we have a our communication code and the human is not always able to understand, I know, you already know this. Other times it is we dogs who cannot understand him, simply because he does not explain himself well, he is unable to communicate with us, he talks to us as if he were talking to babies, and so there are small misunderstandings that lead the human friend to scold each other and we poor dogs must also pretend to agree with him.

In short, Breon together with Katia who loves dogs very much will be able to help us communicate better and therefore feel good together on any occasion. All we will do in the heart of a beautiful city, and almost always sunny, we will be able to walk without the noise of cars, horns, listen to learn. I am sure it will be a lot of fun for that I am inviting you to come with us. They anticipated that after this first walk they will be there other dog friendly tours and I'm ready to join. Come on, you come too, I'm sure we'll have fun, I'll wait for you 16 December at 10: 00 in the gardens of Cairoli square Largo Argentina, and if you come from outside here you can find all hotels in Rome that accept dogs.

Cost: € 12 for a dog and one person, or € 15 for a dog and two people.