Tractive the GPS for dogs and cats

Hi friends, my name is Shiba and I want to tell you about an incredible adventure. It happened last weekend when with my human mom I went for a run on Tuscan hills where we go on vacation often.

I like to go there on vacation, they love us four legs very much, the grass is fragrant and the air is fresh. There is also a cool stream where I can drink and bathe. But this is not the adventure. It happened that I let myself be distracted by a little bird, I was playing chase with him and at a certain point I turned around and never saw Laura, my human again.

My mom surely thought, “Here, Shiba has started chasing a little bird, and she must have said to herself oh well, soon she will be back as she always does". The place is actually safe and harmless so it left me super free to do what I want. She lay down and started reading the novel that was just about to end, she was so busy that she didn't realize the time that passed. She sure took a hit when he started calling me e he must have looked for me everywhere.


It was about to get dark and I could no longer find my human mother, I started barking and howling. Then I saw two humans approaching slowly and talking to me. I was wary but they looked good so I let myself be approached. The two humans were two really nice and kind girls and they caressed me to reassure me and helped me find my human mom. I was very excited and so was she. As soon as we saw each other we ran to meet her, I jumped into her arms, filling her with kisses and she was holding me tightly against the fright I made her take.

Those two girls were very kind to bring me back to my best human friend, without me she would have despaired. They also suggested that she buy [FOR A FEW DAYS A HALF PRICETractive, the gps for dogs, but also for cats. After the celebrations we went back to the car and Laura immediately took care to implement the precious advice of the two girls we met in the afternoon.

My human mom really loves me and beyond cuddling she gave me a beautiful colored collar equipped with a contraption she calls Tractive gps. He says that with this I will never lose myself again because he will be able to find out where I am by looking on his phone. I'm not sure how it works but I like the idea of ​​being able to be free without being afraid of getting lost again. These humans get distracted often you have to keep an eye on them ... without us they panic 😉

I am happy with this purchase. The device connects to the collar in a simple way and does not bother me, then I only keep it when we are out and in places I do not know as well as when we go on vacation. Now he will let me run quietly without risking losing me. The device is safe and does not detach, it is light so it does not bother me I can jump, play and run normally without even noticing the new gadget. He left it applied to me even during the bath and it seems that the water does not cause him any problems. The Tractive has alinked app (iOS and Android) which is applied to the mobile and is very convenient for track my location wherever you run. A peculiarity is that in the dark, a light can be activated at a distance and also a sound, and this allows me to be everywhere even in the dark.

My human mom's gift seems to work well and I can play quietly in the grass, chasing butterflies and birds without thoughts.