How to travel with a dog by plane in Italy and abroad

Each airline has its own rules for traveling with a dog by plane, below are the main companies and the links to their regulations on the official websites. More or less traveling with a dog by plane and enjoying the rest of the holiday with him is a prospect that everyone would love. Unfortunately, often, one has to clash with national and international regulations and understanding something is not easy at all. Certainly dog puppies under 3 months of age, therefore not yet subjected to the rabies vaccine, they cannot travel to Europe. I summarize in principle it is allowed to travel with a dog on the plane under these conditions: • there is a maximum weight for the trip in the cabin (6/10 kg depending on the company), after which one must opt ​​for the trip in the hold; • over 75 kg in weight, it is necessary to opt for transport with cargo; • Guide dogs are admitted free of charge in the cabin regardless of their weight. Here are the rules, company by company in detail. Surely there will be a need to buy anyway the official IATA cages and carriersotherwise you don't get on board. If you decide to use the ship or train I think your furry will be happy. Obviously you have to be in compliance with all documents.

Airlines that accept dogs on the plane



On Alitalia flights, dogs can travel under the following conditions:




The rules for transporting animals may vary depending on the country of departure or destination. To find out about the methods of transport, to know if the animal can travel with you in the cabin or in the hold, or if it must be transported by cargo, it is necessary to report its presence at the time of booking the trip.


A small cat or dog can be transported in the passenger cabin, as long as it is kept in a safe, spill-proof transport cage. The total weight of the animal and the cage cannot exceed 8 kg, with maximum dimensions of 55x40x23 cm to allow it to be easily stored under the seat. Above 8 kg in the hold.

Air One

The animal in the cabin must not exceed 10Kg including the cage.

British Airways

Dogs and cats weighing less than 6 kg can travel on board on OpenSkies direct flights between Paris and New York in economy and premium economy cabins. Dogs and cats weighing more than 6 kg must be carried in the hold.

Delta Airlines

Dogs are no longer allowed in the hold, the dog travels in a separate Delta Cargo plane where cages are set up.


You can carry them with you in the cabin if they do not exceed 8 kg in weight (including the pet carrier / transport bag) with prior authorization from the Reservations Office.


The total weight of pet + travel bag or carrier must be a maximum of 8 kg (18 lb).


Pets in the cabin max. 8 kg, others could travel but in the hold.


The total weight (including food and the carrier itself) must not exceed 10 kg, travel in the hold is allowed for the older ones.


No animals are allowed in the passenger cabin or they cannot be carried as extra baggage, they only allow animals in the hold.


If the weight of the animal (including the cage or handler) does not exceed 10 kg, the transport is authorized in the cabin, the other dogs end up traveling in the hold.


The maximum weight allowed for animals in the cabin, including the kennel is 8 kg, the allowed dimensions are 45 cm in length, 39 in width and 21 in height. Dogs are not allowed in the hold.