How to travel with a dog by ship or ferry

Each shipping company has its own rules for traveling with a dog by ship, some have cabins dedicated to 4 legs, others have kennels with cages on the decks, others require you to travel with a dog while staying on outside deck and others unfortunately or closed in a car / camper or in a cage in the garage, read well well. Below is the list of shipping companies that allow dogs. Obviously you must be in compliance with all documents.


  • cabins dedicated to 4 legs (*****)
  • kennels with cages on the decks (***)
  • external deck access (**)
  • cage access only in the garage (*)
  • not allowed (we do not report them at all)


The best shipping companies tested where dogs are really welcome are:

Grandi Navi Veloci, Moby Lines, Corsica Ferries Sardinia Ferries, Tirrenia, TT Lines and ACTV (Venice water buses) which are from our point of view 5 stars.

Shipping companies that accept dogs on the ship


Acciona Trasmediterranea *

The access to the ship in the be carried out in its cage, which must not exceed 50 x 40 x 25 cm or on a leash, collar and muzzle, if they are considered too large on boarding. To access the ship, you need to make a reservation and obtain a boarding pass for your pet. At the time of booking, it is necessary to provide accommodation to the dog who will have to be a cage or a pet carrier. They will basically travel closed in a "kennel" inside a cage or carrier, it is possible to visit them by appointment and it is allowed to take them for a walk with the consent of the officers on board, practically a shame.

ACTV *****

On board the vehicles are allowed to free transport: - small dogs as long as they are held in the arms and with a muzzle; - only in the navigation service, dogs provided they are muzzled and kept on a leash.

Adria Ferries *

The transport of pets, dogs and cats is free. Dogs must be muzzled and they come kept in the kennel on board. Cats must be transported in cages.

Alilauro *

The dogs of small and medium-sized dogs must be equipped with a muzzle and a leash, for those of large size may be denied boarding.

Balearia *

Traveling with a dog in a dog with the Balearia is possible only in cages or kennels at their disposal all the Balearia ships. These cages or kennels are installed on the deck, garage or other points of the ship. In any case, pets can travel both in vehicles parked inside in the hold or in areas dedicated to passengers but in a cage or carrier. You can visit your 4-legged friend, if the cages are in an area accessible for passengers, but in no case will they be able to take or open the cages. Access to the cages have a predetermined schedule which is displayed.

Brittany Ferries (only routes to and from France) *

To travel with a dog on a ship with this company it is mandatory to have a vehicle: the reservation is subject to the availability of suitable accommodation or boarding cages so I recommend booking well in advance to avoid last minute problems.

BornholmerFaergen ferries (Bornholmstrafikken) ***

It is allowed to travel with a dog on the ship but also cats on board the ferries. It is not necessary to purchase a ticket for a pet. Dogs must be kept on a leash, and smaller animals must be kept in a carrier. There is a special area on the ferries where dogs and their owners can sit. Pets can also be left in the vehicles during the crossing, but you should be aware that access to the vehicle deck is only allowed on some Faroese ferries when they are sailing.

Caronte & Tourist *

The boarding of non-small pets is subject to the unquestionable permission of the ship's captain. In case of boarding authorization, non-small dogs must be equipped with a muzzle and a leash.

Corsica Ferries - Sardinia Ferries *****

On board the ships of Corsica Ferries and Sardinia Ferries the dog is a welcome guest and can accompany you in all public places, except the restaurant. On many ships there are cabins dedicated to 4-legged friends: the floor is in linoleum and the cleaning procedures follow a special procedure, which guarantees maximum hygiene.

Delcomar *

It is only known that they are allowed but the conditions and methods are not understood despite having been contacted there was no response.


Dogs are allowed ONLY in your vehicle, if you are on foot only one dog is allowed per ship and will allocate i dark cage in the garage.


Dogs are allowed ONLY CLOSED in your vehicle.

Great Fast Ships *****

On board GNV ships, 4 legs are welcome. GNV has studied one on its ships cabin for us too, to spend the journey relaxing together with our human beings. Fitted with an easy and effective cleaning linoleum flooring, they enjoy an accurate daily sanitation service to ensure maximum hygiene. Where the service is available, the option "4-legged friends cabin”At the time of booking. On the outside deck, there is also a "dog area" where we can drink and walk around quietly.

Grimaldi Lines *****

On all ships there are cabins (internal / external) in which access to animals is allowed. Animals are not allowed in the lounge chairs and in the common rooms, but they can safely walk together with their owners on the external decks of the ships, being on a leash and wearing a muzzle. For bridge passages it is necessary to use the on-board kennel for dogs over 6Kg, the smallest ones must carry a kennel.

Jadrolinija ***

Dogs must be muzzled and travel free, access to animals is not allowed in public spaces (lounge, restaurant, cabins and toilets).

Irish Ferries *

Pets are allowed on board the ships whether traveling by car or on foot, in both cases, they are NOT allowed on the passenger deck under any circumstances with the exception of guide dogs, much less public areasgarage or kennel.

Laziomar *

I can travel ONLY small dogs with muzzle and leash.

Moby Lines *****

Traveling with a dog on a ship with the Moby is a pleasure, there are the cabins equipped to accommodate them too: our four-legged friends. Reaching Sardinia and Corsica with them will be even more fun. The external decks of the ship remain accessible for their walks and habits; only some common areas (bars, restaurants) are excluded. Double and quadruple accommodations, with or without portholes with linoleum flooring, sanitized in such a way as to guarantee maximum cleanliness. And for their convenience, you will find an anti-odor sanitizing mat and a travel bowl in the cabin. A maximum of three pets can be brought into the cabin. The cabins are limited in number, check availability. If you do not find the indication " CABIN WITH ACCESS FOR ANIMALS”, It means that on the selected date there is no longer availability of this type of cabin. 🙁

MyFerryLink *

Once on board, your pet will stay by car during the trip.

Lake Iseo navigation **

Dogs are allowed on board if they are muzzled and kept on a leash or, if small, placed in special carriers.

Lakes Navigation ***

Animals cannot occupy seats and must be arranged so as not to disturb other passengers.

Gulf Free Shipping (NLG) **

Dog owners are obliged to apply a muzzle and a leash to dogs led on the units. Cats or other pets must be transported in cages or baskets by their owners.

NorthLink Ferries *

Dogs can only travel in a cage placed in the garage or in a vehicle.

P&O Ferries (excluding Irish Sea) *

Dogs can only navigate closed in the car.

Saremar ****

Dogs must be equipped with a leash and muzzle, other small animals must be housed in cage or baskets, by the passenger. Passengers with pets must park in the specially reserved areas or house the animals in the kennels on board.

Siremar ***

Dogs must be equipped with a leash and muzzle, other small animals must be housed in cage or baskets, by the passenger. Passengers with pets must stop in specially reserved areas or lodge the animals in the kennels on board, where the boat is provided with them.

SNAV *****

Dogs will be able to travel in the kennel or in the dedicated cabins (maximum number allowed is 2 pets per cabin).


Dogs are allowed. Ships have gods air-conditioned rooms with cages of various sizes. These places are always open during the crossing. Kits are distributed to be able to take care of your pet cats are allowed. I can go to the cabins part as long as they remain in their cages.

Tirrenia *****

Upon your arrival, contact the reception office, you will receive a free Tirrenia Welcome Pet, a sanitizing mat made with super-absorbent and anti-odor polymers, where your faithful friend can comfortably lie down. Cats and other small animals must be accommodated in cages or baskets by the owner, while dogs must wear a muzzle and be kept on a leash and housed, during the trip, in the external kennels of the kennel on board or in 4-legged cabins. It is forbidden to leave animals in the ship's garages. Dogs can circulate freely on the external decks of the ship and in public areas, unless objection by other passengers. On the other hand, they cannot circulate in the common areas, access the lounge chairs, the rooms intended for passengers and are not allowed in the cabin, with the exception of the cabins for animals.

Toremar ***

- pets are not accepted in the lounge, but s are allowedonly on the external decks ship or, where available, in the cages subject to availability.

TT Line *****

There are a limited number of special cabins for passengers traveling with dogs and they can stay with you indoors and outdoors, but are not allowed in restaurants, the bar or the shop. It is possible to use the external rear decks as a dog area to walk around and do their business.

Ustica Lines ***

During the entire duration of the trip, dogs must be equipped with a muzzle and leash or, alternatively, remain inside the suitable "Pet carrier"; cats and other small pets must necessarily be kept in a suitable "carrier", as well as birds in special cages.

Virtu Ferries *

Pets will stay in a cage or in cars in the garage throughout the journey.

Viking Line ****

Pets can stay in special cabins (not on the beds) if their owner has reserved the entire cabin for himself otherwise in the kennel in the garage.

Wightlink ferries *

Only in vehicles or in cages or carriers.

Cruise lines that accept dogs on the ship

Cunard Cruises

Only on the Queen Mary ship that operates the New York - Southampton route, dogs are allowed, there is a boarding house on the ship and dogs do not have access to the cabins: there is a kennel on board and you can visit and walk your dog at any time.