All dogs aboard the plane, none in the hold. Traveling with a dog by plane to Japan

No one in the hold, 44 dogs on board the All Nippon Airways plane

Hello everyone my name is Butch and I am a Labrador of about three years, I have a shiny black coat, a wet nose, brown eyes and a great desire for games and pampering.

My human is called Daniele and, since we have known each other, we have been close friends and we do everything together. Every year Daniele and I organize a holiday in detail, thanks Trip For Dog organize the holidays with a dog it's really very simple, we take a period of well-deserved rest during which we can have fun together and relax: normally Daniele is very busy with his work, and I too am usually very busy digging pits in the garden and chasing my favorite ball.

There is only one problem: my human and I have been wanting to take a trip abroad for years, but unfortunately we furry ones can't take the plane like everyone else ... flight companies that allow dogs on board, in fact, in case we want to travel with them they force me and my friends to a humiliating treatment: we cannot in fact sit on comfortable seats together with our humans, but we have to travel in the hold, locked in the cage and together with the luggage, but you are kidding ?!

I later learned that a little dog who is a little overweight (but just a little bit) like me is not always welcome. Some low cost airlines also do not accept dogs on board even if kept in cages and in the hold: a beautiful and good discrimination.
To be honest I would also be willing to travel this way but I suffer from a bit of claustrophobia, and my human is not very happy with it anyway.

However yesterday Uncle Miky from Japan called us and told us some really interesting news, which if he follows up could solve our problems for all the holidays to come: now I'll explain how it went! It seems that in May a Japanese airline called itself All Nippon Airways has performed a experimental flight with 44 dogs on board. The trip went very well, so much so that both the flight attendants, the dogs and the other passengers were really satisfied. The flight was very smooth, smooth and really fun.

dog in the airplane cabin
Traveling with a dog by plane

The purpose of the company is to activate one series of flights in which the furry and their humans can travel side by side, without having to separate and enjoying their mutual company.
Even humans who do not like to be in contact with us furry will be protected: this Japanese company has in fact thought of everyone. Flights with dogs or other animals on board will be appropriately marked and, moreover, all the necessary information on the cleaning of the seats and the plane will be provided and we will certainly update you.

This news made Daniele and me really happy even if unfortunately in our country i flights with dogs on board they are a still distant reality, and perhaps not yet contemplated. However, this news that comes from the east has sparked hope in us. Maybe in the next few years the flights that also allow us furry ones to travel on board will spread all over the world, allowing Daniele and me to crown our dream of traveling together everywhere.
To some, perhaps, it might seem like the whim of a spoiled dog and in this regard I can only answer one thing: if flying has always been man's greatest desire, why shouldn't it also be the greatest dream of man's best friend. ? We at Trip For Dog have been in dialogue with airlines for some time but they pretend not to hear us ... maybe after this flight they will decide to listen to us and they will make themselves heard ... we will keep you informed! Bau everyone.

Official source: JapanTime