A splendid Bernese Mountain Dog as a concierge in a luxury hotel

The little Bernese mountain dog is already a star

Let's face it, friends: we too are entitled to a well-deserved extra-luxury holiday. Breaking the daily routine and taking a regenerating break is good for the body and spirit. But which hotel to choose? Believe me, if you are looking for a hotel where you can feel at home, all you have to do is book a room at St. Regins of Aspen, a Colorado hotel. A little far, it is true, but I assure you that it is really worth it. I have been there with my mom and do you know who we have found to welcome us? Kitty Jacob Astor II! Yes, I know, you don't have the slightest idea who Kitty Jacob Astor II is but I'm sure that as soon as you find out you will be looking forward to packing your bags, picking up your human and leaving.

When the concierge is a dog

It went something like this: my mom and I walked into this wonderful Colorado hotel and at the desk instead of finding the usual human in uniform we found him, Kitty Jacob Astor II, a beautiful Bernese mountain dog who has been entrusted with the task of welcoming all guests. A luxury chain that leaves nothing to chance, no doubt about it. Among the curiosities related to this story is the fact that Kitty Jacob Astor II bears the name of the best friend of the founder of the St. Regis hotel who, among other things, was even present at the inauguration of the first hotel in New York in 1904. In the days of my stay, we became very friends and enjoyed running around the corridors and open spaces of the structure. Soon, however, he will have to be a little more cautious: the puppies of his breed can reach a weight of about 40 kilos, the good Kitty Jacob Astor II will have to try not to cause too much trouble. For the moment, as far as I know he is doing very well and if you are curious to find out more about him, ask your human to let you browse his Instagram profile. Almost every day, Kitty Jacob Astor II tells on social media her adventures among guests, baggage, check-in and a decidedly breathtaking view and you just need to look at him for a moment to understand that there is really fun with him.

An extra-luxury welcome from ten out of ten

With her cheerfulness and tenderness, Kitty Jacob Astor II welcomes all guests in a very special way and pampers them throughout their stay which will be absolutely unforgettable. The sympathy of Kitty Jacob Astor II is overwhelming and even the most serious guests will certainly not be able to help but pamper him and let themselves be overwhelmed by his energy. And then, let's face it, raise your paw if you don't want to be in your place: living in a luxury hotel, spending all day playing with guests and spend a lifetime on vacation. In short, friends, if you are planning a vacation with your human, if I were you I would highly recommend that you consider this beautiful hotel with an exceptional concierge to say the least. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a job, you may decide to take to the streets. That of Kitty Jacob Astor II could certainly be an experience to be replicated and I am sure that there would be many hoteliers ready to embark on such an adventure. On our site you can find all the facilities that accept dogs in Italy... you could always apply for yourself 😉