4-legged holiday in Bibione

4-legged holidays in Veneto

Hi everyone, my name is Ringo, and my humans all seemed busy this morning, I saw my human dad loading the car, yeah, finally we go on vacation, we have arrived in Bibione, here in between human and hairy we are really many, with us there is grandmother Dolores who is in a wheelchair, I felt she did not want to come with us because she was afraid of architectural barriers, but here they are really equipped to welcome everyone, including furry ones, in fact as soon as I arrived and my human dad went for a long walk and i have to say i met a lot of friends who like me were on family vacation, well a real 4-legged holiday in Bibione with all the facilities that welcome us gladly.

My human mother went with my grandmother and my little brother Alessandro to look for a beach where we can all have fun together, even if she was worried because in other trips we had difficulty being all together, in some cities we are not very appreciated, we hairy ones, and I just don't understand this, for my family I have always been an important member, just think that I am sleeping next to my little brother and grandmother to help my mother Debora to check that they are always well.

Here in Bibione the mother's problem of being all together was very easy to solve, in fact after a while she phoned her father saying that we could reach her because she had found a beach that hosted us all, the Pluto beach, here i 4 legs are very welcome. I can't describe my joy to you, I was able to dig in the sand with little Alessandro who helped me dig with the shovel, of course I won, while the grandmother rested under the umbrella and mom and dad looked at us and photographed us saying "how much our children are beautiful together! ".

At one point we all wanted to go swimming together, and in this fantastic structure even the grandmother with her wheelchair was able to approach the shore to laugh at how much we played in the water, yes because here the walkways that reach the riva are up to two meters wide, therefore they are truly accessible to everyone.

My human mother met other families who had my furry friends, very very nice, they told us that here in Bibione there is also a fantastic structure dedicated to us, with the Agility Dog courses, my mom and I often do Rally O exercises together and then we went to play and train, I must say that the whole course is clean and well maintained, in the whole area there are also free dispensers of sanitary bags, you know well that when he escapes, he escapes, but mom and dad say that those who treat us well must respect us, and the former are our family members who must collect our excrement.

Bibione is truly dog ​​friendly, I really liked it a lot and I hope to come back soon with my family, the clean beaches and all the facilities ready to welcome all families, giving priority to the various needs of each individual.
Even if you have sporting humans, rest assured that you can see them happy too, in fact here they can find cycle paths for cycling, or playgrounds and many equipped facilities, also for run along the sea with us there are no problems of any kind.
My family also loves good food, healthy and tasty, we found some places that serve local products at zero kilometer.
Whatever the needs of your family, relaxation, nightlife, sport, wellness, here you will find everything! My family and I are really excited, and you can find ALL THE STRUCTURES THAT ACCEPT DOGS BY CLICKING HERE.