A recently published book describes Basilicata as the "secret garden of Italy“: A region still uncontaminated today and which, thanks to some films and the proclamation of Matera as Capital of Culture 2019, has been rediscovered not only by tourist flows from abroad, but also by the Italians themselves.

Set since ancient times "between earth and sky", Basilicata has always been a transit region, within which different cultures have been stratified (Greeks, Normans, Arabs) and which have contributed to its complex cultural identity .

Testimony of this heritage are the Sassi of Matera and Park of the rock churches, both declared "Unesco World Heritage" e tourist destinations even for 4 legs known all over the world, but also i open-air museums of Magna Graecia, the medieval castles, sanctuary of the Black Madonna of Viggiano and Literary Park dedicated to Carlo Levi.

Do the holidays with a dog in Basilicata, where nature is an explosion of colors that faithfully reflect those of local food and wine (think of the red of the "cruschi" peppers) and makes these lands one of the green lungs of the peninsula and great and pleasant walks in the company of your quadruped: give her valleys of Agri and Sinni, To woods of the "Lucanian Dolomites" and Vulture hills, the place of choice of Aglianico, up to the golden expanses of wheat of the Matera area and the massif of Pollino National Park. And, as in the case of the “Lunar landscape” of the Aliano badlands, it is these breathtaking scenarios, characterized by a great naturalistic and morphological variety, that make Basilicata a land out of time.

Finally, from the climatic point of view, Basilicata offers great variability: a continental climate, typical of the more inland Apennine areas, contrasts with the mild one of the Metapontine and Tyrrhenian coasts, thanks to the marine currents of the Mediterranean; to act as a "buffer" between the two areas, here is the Vulture area, renowned for its winemaking tradition.

Such a varied climate, also favored by the irregularities of the reliefs, inside the autumn season allows at the same time to ski at high altitudes or of enjoy a day at the beach along the beaches of the Ionian coast in the company of your dog.