Visit to the excavations of Pompeii with a small dog - Guided Tour

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Visit Underground Naples with a dog

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In Campania, history has left its mark and its traces, more or less ancient, are visible on the entire regional territory starting from the capital, Naples, which contains wonderful evidence of the passage of Normans, Angevins and Aragonese. Walking through the Neapolitan alleys, everything attracts attention and the truly unique atmosphere of the city can only fascinate.

The churches, artistic works and museums to see are endless and each neighborhood has some beauty in store to offer the visitor, a little less for the tourist reception at the museums if accompanied by a dog. Not to be missed, of course, a walk among the workshops of the nativity artists in San Gregorio Armeno or a visit to the splendid botanical garden.

But the attractions of Campania certainly do not stop in Naples. The archaeological centers of Pompei and Paestum, known throughout the world and World Heritage Site, leave millions of Italian and foreign tourists speechless every year. Starting from 1600 the European aristocracy began to choose Campania as the destination of the Grand Tour and, even today, these places touched by nobles and intellectuals, exert an irresistible appeal for the almost violent beauty of their nature and small dogs have access to it.

Impossible, for example, not to mention Capri, where worldly life alternates with panoramas of rare suggestion and the furry ones are welcomed with respect even if there are no dedicated areas. The other islands of the gulf, Ischia and Procida, offer tourists the beauty of spa and the ancient seaside villages. Moving along the Amalfi coast, to get to Cilento, in addition to the marvel of the sea and nature, you will find Positano, Amalfi, Ravello, Conca dei Marini and an infinity of other places of great historical and naturalistic interest.

The excellent regional cuisine conquers the visitor as much as the beauty of art and nature. Eggplant Parmigiane, a 'Genovese, pasta and potatoes, pastiera, sfogliatelle and, of course, pizza in its many versions, including fried, triumph on regional tables. The climate, decidedly mild in the areas of Naples and the Sorrento and Amalfi Coast, becomes more rigid in the mountainous areas of the interior. The beaches for dogs are very few, but do the holidays with a dog in Campania it's worth it: 4-legged hotels in Campania are diverse and well distributed.