4-legged tourists in Parma 2020/2021 Capital of Culture

Urban pack BauTour for the historic center of Parma: one
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BauTour of herd at the Lake Santo Parmense (PR)

Herd BauTour with dog trainer and hiker environmental guide
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Pack BauTour at the Parco del Marano - Rimini

Pack BauTour with your dog in the protected area of
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Where to vacation with a dog in Emilia Romagna

Emilia Romagna, one of the most dog friendly regions in Italy: here dogs have dozens of beaches where they can access them, the only flaw is that they do not have access to the sea.

Who says Emilia Romagna says piadina! Let's start talking about this region taking a cue from the queen of gastronomy, the piadina is now present throughout Italy, but the original one can only be tasted in this region. But it is not the only delicacy, even tigelle and good wine are absolutely noteworthy for example. As for the climate, we can speak of a sub-continental temperate type with hot and humid summers and rigid and cold winters.

Ample space should be dedicated to the areas where it is possible to find all sorts of entertainment, the Romagna coast. Rimini, Riccione and Cattolica are the cities that only feel the desire for a holiday, and even more holiday with your dog given the warm welcome that is reserved for four legs, in these areas you can find all sorts of entertainment, from merry-go-rounds for the little ones to discos for night owls, there are no words to describe except that in the Romagna beaches you can find everything!

But Emilia Romagna is not just beaches and summer, because even motor lovers can find some terrestrial paradises, the Mugello and the city of Modena where the famous factory with attached Ferrari museum is located. This region is full of work, tourism and history, if you walk through the streets of Bologna flooded by its arcades, you cannot fail to pass near the station, read and see the places of the massacre and go out with a great wealth of experience.

The history of the regions is also seen through traditions, and there are indeed many here, impressive folk performances can be found all year round throughout the region. Going on holidays with a dog in Emilia Romagna ok is beaches for dogs, food, beautiful people and nightlife, but we cannot even dedicate a note to the mountains, natural parks and unspoiled areas can be found in the Apennine areas, where there is no shortage welcoming 4-legged structures and features where to stay, and spend the days doing it long walks immersed in nature walking in relaxation with your dog.